My Trio

Levi Alan: Baby A in the womb and baby A out of the womb. He was blocking the exit and just had to be first! He was 4 lbs when he was born and was the smallest of the 3. He is the take charge one of the group. He is also my biggest trouble maker!

Nathan Brody: Baby B in the womb and baby C out of the womb. Nathan was supposed to be second but true to Nathan form he needed to take his time and come out when he was ready. He was actually stuck so they needed to take Paige out before him to make room. Little stinker. He was 4lbs 6oz. He is my little lovie boy. He is also the whiner of the group.

Paige Christine: Baby C in the womb and baby B out of the womb. She was 4 lbs 11oz and was the biggest of the group. She is now the smallest! Paige is all girl. She loves purses and shoes and clothes and babies! She is also quite the chatterbox. Good luck figuring out what she is saying though!

If you notice their middle names go A,B,C for where they were in the womb. :)