Thursday, September 30, 2010

Look what I made!!!

I made Levi his winter hat! It took me a couple tries to get it the right size. It is a little big but I want it to last all winter. I love his little face in these pictures too!

So that's what that is for!

Alan came home from work today and wanted a nap. I don't blame him since the last few days we have been battling colds all around and have been up half the night. Nathan was napping on the couch since he was being crabby in his crib and we didn't want to wake Levi. Levi is a bear to get back to sleep. Nathan will just chill. Anyway Alan decided to don his Eagles snuggie and snuggle up with their boppy pillow. He had a nice nap right there on the floor. Silly Daddy! :)

My big girl!

Paige is getting so big so fast! She just started pulling herself up on everything! And when I say everything I mean it....she even tries to pull up on her brothers. That has yet to work for her though. She has even started taking little steps here and there! What a big girl!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I got a pic of Paige's teeth! The quality of the pic stinks so just look for her little toofers. :)


Levi is so close to crawling. He goes backwards very well. Too well.....then he gets frustrated!

Rub a dub dub 3 babies in a tub!

That's right. We bathed all 3 babies at once over the weekend. It was interesting. They kept looking around at each other. It was like they were saying "hey what are you doing here?" Now of course it took us longer to bathe them because we took a bunch of photos. Then Paige decided she would try to stand up in the tub for the first time. All in all it was a success. We will do it again.....just not all the time. Yet another routine we need to perfect!

Levi is on the left...Paige in the middle...and Nathan is on the right! :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Play room

So now that I sold a bunch of their old things I was finally able to get their play room up and running. So now we can play in the play room or play in the living room. They love the change of scenery and different toys to play with. I took a blow up pool that I had bought and we haven't used yet and blew up one level (it has 3) and added some ball pit balls. I need to get some more balls for it but so far they like it. And Paige can crawl in and out of it because it isn't that high. We also had to finally get the gate out in the living room. Miss Paige has been getting herself into some trouble and has been exploring. Lots of changes in the Dean house! I am just waiting for Levi to catch up with Paige. He is so close! Here are pictures of our new set up!

play room

gated living room

Daddy playing with the toys....I mean boys :)

help I'm trapped!

Mother's market

This past Saturday I sold a whole bunch of stuff at our local Mother's market. It was sad to see it go but we have so much room now. I sold all 3 bouncy seats, 2 bumbos, a swing, 2 boppy pillows, and a playmat to name a few things. I also sold some clothes and other random things that we no longer need. I made $303! All I really wanted to make was enough for their choo choo wagon that we plan on getting them for their first birthday. I was very excited to make that plus some! I think I might use the rest to open a new checking account and start my own etsy store to sell my crafts. I can't wait to get them their step2 choo choo wagon. It is supposed to be re-released next month!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Picnic time :)

Yesterday we were playing outside because it was such a nice day. We decided that we didn't want to come inside so we had a picnic lunch! It was a very interesting experience. Levi did awesome and ate all of his lunch off of his plate. Nathan I think was a little thrown off by the fact that he was outside and not in his highchair. Paige just wanted to play with and eat her plate. Gotta love the fact that we have 3 totally different personalities! For lunch they had a strawberry cream cheese sandwich, apple pieces, and yogurt. Yum!

My almost crawler!

We are about to have 2 crawlers in the Dean house! Levi is now working on crawling! He has been hanging out on his belly a lot more lately and just the other day he got up on all fours and started rocking! Until today I was the only person he did this for but this afternoon he got up on all fours for Alan too. Then as we sat and watched him he decided he was finished rocking and pushed himself up to sitting! We got to watch him sit himself up for the first time together! It was awesome. I am so proud of my little boy! :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

9 month stats

We went to the Dr. today. The trio is doing great and growing like weeds!

Levi: 16lbs 10oz 28"
Nathan: 18lbs 2oz 29"
Paige: 16lbs 1oz 27"

The Dr. says they are doing well and was very impressed with Paige and all she can do! She is a little concerned with Nathan. He is behind the other 2. Which isn't a surprise he has always been a little behind. She feels he has fallen further behind and wants to make sure he doesn't need any physical therapy or anything of that sort. I will be calling early intervention hopefully long as I remember. I will be the first to say that I am horrible with things like this. I hate to talk on the phone...especially to people I don't know. Other than that everything is going great. We got the go ahead to take them off of the preemie formula. Yay. We are also ok to give them eggs and basically whatever we are eating...within reason. I am going to try to now cook dinner for all 5 of us. The way we have been doing it is we feed the babies and then after they go to bed we scrounge for food. I say scrounge because sometimes I am too tired to cook by then and I just have something quick and easy. So as soon as I get to go grocery shopping we are going to start to have family dinners! I am pretty excited about this! :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

9 months old!

Yesterday my trio turned 9 months old! I still can't believe it! In 3 months they will be 1 year old! So on with the bragging about my babies!

Levi: my little wild man. Levi is just now starting to move a little when he is on the ground. While sitting he can rotate around in a circle. He loves music and even dances with it. His favorite song is the ABC's....sung by Mommy of course! He loves to anyone who will listen! He also has discovered the art of screaming.....just to hear himself. He has started fighting with his siblings already. They play tug of war with their toys and he pulls hair and hits. Gotta love his spunk!

Nathan: my little giggler. Seriously he laughs at everything! He is sitting well on his own now. He just started putting toys in his mouth and is somewhat starting to feed himself. His best friend is his binky and tigger lovie.

Paige: my little dare devil. She has done so much this past month! She is now crawling and trying to climb on everything! She also cut her 2 bottom teeth! They arn't fully in yet, but they are definitely there! She is quite the talker as well. She does dadada baba dididi and gigigi all day long. She loves to hear her own voice and talks no matter where she is. She also figured out how to sit up on her own. She can now go from belly to sitting all by herself. I love going to get her out of her crib now because she is sitting there with a big smile on her face!

I know I have set it before but their photo shoots are getting harder and harder. Paige kept trying to crawl off, Levi was crying, and Nathan was in Nathan land. Paige also kept trying to eat the 9 month sticker. Oh well. Maybe next month! haha. Maybe we will have at least 2 crawlers by then!



9 months!

Mmmmmm Pasta!

We tried alphabet pasta the other night. It went over so-so. Nathan is not a fan of new textures....unless it's fruit. Then he loves it! I cooked the pasta in chicken broth to give it a little flavor for them.


How does this bowl thingy Mom gave me taste?


Nathan is a little skeptical

Um yea not a fan!                                                                                                   

September 7th 2010

I turned 30! I planned for months that I wanted to take the trio to the zoo for the first time on my birthday. I wanted to do something special because 30 is a big birthday in my mind. We didn't have money for a party like we had originally wanted to do to celebrate both of us turning 30. So I planned Alan's special day just the 2 of us and on my day the zoo. Well we went to the zoo but it wasn't the way I pictured it. I pictured Alan and I taking our babies to the zoo for the first time together. Showing the babies the animals and taking all sorts of pictures. Maybe getting an ice cream cone and sharing it with the babies for their first taste of ice cream. Well I'm sure you can guess by now it didn't go as planned.

I woke up on my birthday and we fed the babies as usual. The plan was to be out of the door by 8:30am. Well true to form Alan needed to go and get a few things. Aka...needed to get me a birthday card. Oh yea and did I mention Alan's parents were visiting? So everyone is getting ready while I play with the babies and the feed them their breakfast. Since Alan's parents were coming I invited my Mom and Stephanie to come too. So my Mom and sister show up at 8:30am. The first thing they said to me was happy birthday. They were the first to say it. Were we ready? Um no. I was trying to get everything ready for the babies as well as the babies dressed and ready. Somewhere in there I got dressed quickly too. We got everything loaded and off we went. Of course I forgot their bottles and since we left before Alan and his parents I called them to go back to get them. We met at Wawa and went to the zoo from there.

At the zoo we unloaded and went in. Now I was excited to see the lego animals they have at the Philadelphia zoo right now. We got trading cards for each of the exhibits and everything. It was very neat.Since Stephanie had just been to the zoo with work a couple weeks ago we let her be our tour guide. Well I am glad that my Mom and Steph came since Alan and his parents walked about 10 to 20 feet behind us the whole time. Mom helped out a lot with the babies and opened doors and such for me. Of course about halfway through our visit Levi decided to have a blowout. Now normally as backup clothes I just have a onesie. Well luckily that morning I decided to actually put in some actual clothes for them just in case! After his wardrobe change I really wanted to find the lego polar bear. We walked around until we finally found it. My favorite part of the zoo was the monkey house. I love to see all the cute monkeys! After that we found a place to have lunch. After lunch we did a diaper change and then we headed home.

After we got home Mom and Steph left and went home. We let the babies play a little then it was nap time. I basically spent the rest of the day playing on the computer. Alan worked on his car with his Dad, helped me put the babies to bed for the night, took down his tent out back, and work in the garage with his Dad on his bike. His parents got us Pino's for dinner. When they were out they picked up a cake, which Alan asked them to, for me. That was nice. That was the only time of the day any of them recognized that it was my birthday. It made me very sad since I tried so hard to make Alan's 30th birthday special. *sigh* maybe next year.

Well i can't write about the zoo and not show off our zoo trip in pictures! Enjoy!

Alan and the trio in front of the lego penguins.

Momma giraffe and her baby.

Stephanie and her warthog friend

Alan the orangutan made of legos




My family :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Clix portrait studios

So last Saturday we went to Clix portrait studios to get the trio's 8 month photos done. Let me start by saying that I loved our experience. The photographer was awesome and her assistant was also great. Now I went about looking at and choosing pictures. Here is where I am now confused. The assistant who was showing me the pictures was also showing me packages to purchase. Now I got 20% off for multiples ( something I found in my MoM's club newsletter) I was then told about their club membership. $35 for 2 years plus an additional 10% off. The membership gets you free sitting fees for indoor and outdoor shoots as well as free sheets (I think) I am no longer sure what I may get. Then comes the packages with poses. Now I knew I wanted a cd because they give you full rights to your photos. Which means I can go anywhere to get prints. Now I understood that the package I got involved prints and a cd of all the photos taken. Either she misunderstood my questions I asked her or she just didn't know I'm not sure. Under the package I bought showed a pic of and 8x10, 2 5x7's, and 8 wallets. They also stated they would mail me my pics. I was thinking that is awesome! I don't have to lug my trio out just to pick up pictures.

I have been checking the mail like crazy! Well the envelope finally came today. In it was my cd, some little cards to hand out to other people, and 2 prints. The 2 prints are a free sheet that I had also received. I called Clix to ask where my prints were. They told me all I purchased was 7 poses to be put on a cd. Huh? So apparently I understood wrong. I am very glad we didn't go to pick up. I would have been pissed if I went to go get prints and only got a cd. Next time I am at Peddler's Village I plan on going in and looking at that form again!

Well now that you have read my ramblings I shall reward you with our awesome pictures!