Friday, January 21, 2011

Perkins anyone?

We did it! Alan and I took the trio out to dinner for the first time! We decided to go to Perkins tonight for dinner. Alan almost backed out. Who can blame him? It is a daunting task to take three 13 month olds pretty much anywhere let alone out to eat. I convinced him we would be fine. We went early. Their usual dinnertime is 5pm. We got there around 4:30pm which ended up being perfect. We were eating a little after 5pm. I brought snacks and books to keep them entertained. I forgot bibs though. Oh well no one is perfect!

I ordered an adult meal for them to share. I figured I would need 2 kids meals to feed them and 1 adult meal came with more food and was cheaper then 2 kids meals. They had breakfast for dinner. :) I love breakfast for dinner. They loved the pancakes. Their meal also came with fruit which I was happy about. They were so good. I am so proud of them. I actually overheard some of the Perkins employees talking about us off and on. They were surprised with how good our kids were. They complimented Alan when he went up to pay. Did I say how proud of my kiddos I am? Because I am very happy and proud of my trio. We may need to do that again sometime. I vote for Olive Garden! :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011


For Christmas this year I knit a lot of gifts for my family. Mostly hats and 1 scarf. The scarf took the longest and I just finished it. I loom knit and use the knifty knitters to do my knitting. I just had the round loom set which is what I used for the hats and scarf. I got the long loom set for Christmas. I can't decide what to knit first though! Decisions decisions. I need to find something though. My reward for finally finishing the scarf was to get to use my new looms! I guess I will have to go look something up. Here is some pics of the scarf. I am pretty proud of it. I added some flowers to it which are a little hard to see in the pictures because they are the same color as the scarf.

13 months old!

Really it's true! I can't believe it. Before you know it I will be post their age in years instead of months! Gah! I decided I am still going to take their picture every month. I had a lot of fun doing it their first year and I love being able to look back at them. I don't have stickers like I used to so I wrote on the pic in kodak easyshare.

Levi: He is my wild child and troublemaker. So you know your typical 1 year old boy! He is so close to walking. I know he can do it. He has let go a couple of times and taken a few steps but then I think he looses his confidence and squats to the floor. He is also my climber. He tries to get onto everything. He has yet to really get himself into too much trouble with that....knock on wood. He also likes to steal things from his siblings and throw them over the gate. In fact he loves to throw toys in general over the gate. He is Trouble! Gotta love him with that mischievous grin and giggle.

Nathan: He is progressing in leaps and bounds. He is now an expert crawler and just started pulling up to a stand. He has also started cruising a little if the right motivation is there. He has become quite the chatterbox. He doesn't really do more than babble but he does it very loudly! He loves to read books and beat things on other things. Currently he likes to take toys and bang them on the sliding glass door. We are working on that one. The one thing he does that melts my heart is he will come up to you and lay his head on you. He will then get up and go about his merry little way. I love the occasional love.

Paige: What to say about Paige. She is a very chatty little girl. She will sit and "read" books to herself. I love it because she has such inflection in her voice. She loves to be held and give kisses. She dances whenever music comes on. It is pretty funny to watch her just break out into dance.....especially at church! She loves her lovey and her stuffed animals. She carries them around with her. She is also close to walking. We are just waiting for someone to just take off!

I love watching them play and learn. Levi has started to put together legos while Paige talks on their pretend phone. Nathan plays peek a boo with himself in the mirror. They are so much fun!

The Wiggles obsession grows........

Point blank my kids love the wiggles. They can be in super crank mode and I put the wiggles on and all goes silent. It is purely magical. They get all excited and start dancing. Over the summer (before they were truly obsessed) I found the Wiggles beanies and a Captain Feathersword beanie for $3.00! They got them in their stockings for Christmas and loved them. It took a lot for me to hold on to them for so long but in the end it was worth it. Since they liked them so much I felt the need to complete the collection. So off to ebay I went. I found Dorothy the dinosaur, Wags the dog, and Henry the octopus for $.99 cents each! Score! They came to about $5.00 total, each. So for about $20.00 I got them The Wiggles bunch. Even better is that they play with them every day. Love it! So I am a nerd and I took pics of our new friends! :P Also Alan is funny and will actually make them act out stuff from the dvd's. The kids love it and it is pretty funny. "Poor Jeff has fallen asleep again!"

As I was taking the picture, laying on the floor, Levi decided it would be fun to climb on my back and play. He loves to pull my hair. I am not a fan. :P

He then decided to try and stand. He is definitely all boy!

I usually hate pictures of me but this last one of me and Levi I like very much!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Our table

Grammy and Pop-pop got us a really cool chalkboard table for Christmas. Look at us. We are too cute sitting at our table! Thank you Grammy and Pop-pop!

It took us a while to find this table. Wanna know why? Because most kids tables are made for 1 to 2 children. Well guess what. We needed a table that would fit 3 kids nicely with 3 chairs at least. Grammy found this table at Costco. It is perfect. It in nice and sturdy and a perfect size for them. And when they get older they can color on it with chalk. Won't that be fun!?! They love their new table. We are starting to do some coloring and I will be getting into doing some arts and crafts with them. I am excited to start making them into mini crafters like me!


The trio is becoming more and more into things. Levi and Paige have started climbing onto ride on toys and such all by themselves. We have a big alligator see-saw that I got at the Mother's market this past fall for $10. I didn't think we would actually get to use it till this spring thinking that they wouldn't be ready for it till then. Boy was I wrong. The main reason I bought the see-saw was because it has 3 seats. Perfect for us! Levi just climbs right on and goes to town. Paige and Nathan need a little more help. All 3 of them love to play together seeing and sawing. I love that it is something they can do together. I can't wait till the Spring so we can take it outside. We are going to have so much fun this Spring and Summer!

We've got ears say cheers!

Aunt Stephanie got the trio their first set of Mickey ears. She went to Disney a few months ago and had their names stitched onto Mickey hats. I love them. The kids.....not so much. The first time I put Nathan's on him he screamed. Paige always tries to rip hers off. Levi tries to get Paige and Nathan's off. He likes to try to put his on himself. I decided I needed a picture of the three of them sitting together wearing their hats. Oh what a challenge it was.

Phew! Finally got that darn thing off!

Basket fun

What is more fun than a basket full of toys? The basket that holds the toys!


The trio met snow for the first time. They were too cute all bundled up. It took a while to bundle them up. They were not fans. We set the boys out in the snow and Paige actually crawled out into the snow. At first they were all smiles. Then Paige decided she had enough followed quickly by Nathan. Levi was having fun. Alan made him some snowballs and he just sat there looking around. We were outside for maybe a whole 3 minutes or so. Definitely not worth the amount of time it took to get them bundled up to go out there. It was fun though. I think next year will be a lot more fun because they will be walking and will hopefully want to play in it more. Next year I want to attempt sledding!

Meet Billy the Pig

My sister brought over her guinea pig Billy to meet the trio. They were fascinated by him. We are working on our petting nice when we meet and see animals. Levi enjoys the grab, pull, and giggle. Lucky for Billy he doesn't have too long of hair so there isn't much to grab a hold of. Nathan was a little iffy about him but he eventually pet him. Makes me think we need to get them a a dog perhaps.....hint hint. :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Princess

Yes she is wild but we love her anyway! :)