Sunday, October 31, 2010


Happy Halloween! We had a great fist Halloween with our trio. We started our day going to Sunday school and church. Then of course a nice afternoon nap. Grammy and Pop-pop cam over to help with our trick-or-treaters so that we could take the trio out around our neighborhood. I of course needed to do a photo shoot. We didn't get to a pumpkin patch this year like I wanted. So yesterday I went out and bought 1 large pumpkin and 3 tiny pumpkins. Taking their pictures was as always a challenge. I decided to do it on the floor this time instead of my usual place on the couch. Apparently Levi thought the pumpkin was a ball and kept rolling it away and laughing. Nathan treated the pumpkin like a drum and beat the pumpkin. Paige was just wild. She was all over the place. I tried to get a picture with all 3 of them and the big pumpkin. That didn't work. They sat still for a minute when I gave them the little pumpkins to play with.

After dinner the fun began. We put on their costumes and went for a walk. We didn't trick-or-treat exactly because they are too young to eat the candy and I didn't feel right begging for candy for Alan and I. A couple people insisted on giving us something. One person gave them M&M's. Another was giving out animal crackers for little kids/babies. I thought that was a great idea. Must make mental note for next year! :) The house next door to that decided they need to get something and went inside and came out with applesauce for them. Too funny. It was very nice of her. We had a nice walk and came back very cold. We let them crawl around a little longer then jammies and bed!

Now it is time for what you really look for. Pictures! :)


Friday, October 29, 2010

New car seats!

We have had their new car seats for a while. Well the time has finally come. We are tired of putting their infant seats in and out of the car. We decided this week to put in their new convertible car seats. Don't worry they are still rear facing. I plan on keeping them that way till at least 18 months if not 2 years old. (which is now recommended) So check out my big boys and girl in their new seats!

Then and now: the car seat addition

January 4th 2010
April 11th 2010
October 28th 2010

Ooooh a guitar!

Lately Alan has been practicing his bass guitar upstairs where the trio can watch. They are fascinated by it. They will sit and just watch him play. He will also get down on the floor and let them try. I got video of Levi actually strumming the Guitar. Very cool. We really want to bring them up to have a great love of music and I want them to be able to play multiple instruments if that is what they want. So far so good. They dance to music, love to play with their musical instruments, and love to watch Daddy play his instruments. Also the one thing that is guaranteed to calm them down is The Wiggles. They love to watch The Wiggles. So look for my trio 10 years from now. Maybe they will be famous! :)

Halloween Parade

This past Tuesday my MoM's club had a parade at a nursing home in the area. We dressed them up and put them in their Choo choo wagon. We had a lot of fun. Their were a bunch of kids there. They had made some crafts to hand out to the residents. The residents surprised the kids buy giving them candy and little trinkets! It was very cute. Next year will be fun for us because my trio will be able to participate more. I can't wait! :)

Halloween costumes

So I have been back and forth on what I wanted to dress the trio as this Halloween. I actually did a poll on a chat board that I frequent. They had some awesome ideas for me. Unfortunately their ideas and my funds and time did not match up. What I wanted to do was Little Bo Peep and her sheep. I then was going to do thing 1,2,and 3. Someone bought them those shirts and I was going to just use those and make them blue hats. Well last week my Mom and I were shopping at Babies R Us. I was looking through the costumes and they were on sale for 50% off. The tag said $7.50. I thought that was pretty good so I started looking for sizes. I loved these little dinosaur costumes for the boys but of course they didn't have their size. I saw princess dresses for Paige and yet again none in her size. We then found monkey costumes.....very cute! We found 2 in the boys size but not one for Paige. We were thinking 3 monkey's jumping on the bed. :) Then we found a witch costume in Paige's size. Perfect! So Paige is going as The Wicked Witch of the West and the boys are her flying monkey's. They are too cute! I have pictures that I took really quick when we were trying them on. I plan on taking nice ones on Halloween.

Busy busy

Wow time has slipped by me. I have been so busy lately. I have been trying to get my Girl Scout troop under way. It has been taking me a lot more work then usual. Apparently it is difficult to start a brand new troop. I decided this year to switch schools from Bedminster to Deibler since the trio will eventually be going to Deibler. This way maybe I can get to know some of the teachers names and such. After all that hard work I have 3 girls in my troop. I started with 8. I then gave 5 to one troop and 1 to another seeing as they couldn't meet on my night/time. One troop then gave me 5 back. Out of those 5 I got 1 that can meet. So 2 plus 1 equals 3. So hopefully either I will get more girls as the year goes, or next year I will get more.

Anyway, I have many posts to write and many pictures to show off. Halloween is in 2 days and I am excited to see the trio all dressed up again. So I will start our picture fun with a picture of Nathan. Alan got into the dress up clothes and Nathan was the least mobile of the group so with our further delay here is Nathan as a hula boy! :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Choo choo!!!!!!

We got our choo choo wagon!!!! I am so excited! This is what Alan and I got our trio for their first birthday. Of course they have received it 2 months early but hey I am so excited to use it. It is too cool. I ordered it last Friday, they shipped it Wednesday and we received it on Thursday! It needed to be put together so we took it to Grammy and Pop-pop's today so that Pop-pop and Alan could put it together. Without further Ado our choo choo wagon!


Alan and Levi fell asleep :)

Bottle time

So our bathtime has evolved yet again. We are now bathing them every other day again but we are doing all three at once. Last night we had them bathed, fed, and in bed within a half an hour! Alan said that was a little rushed though and he never wants to do it that way again. Haha. I thought it went rather well. I usually get one going while Alan undresses the other 2 and places them in the tub. By the time all three are in the tub the first baby is finished being bathed and is playing while I move on to the others. Alan then cleans up the toys in the bedroom and then starts taking babies to dress and get them going on eating. What's great is they all now will lay on a pillow and feed themselves their bottles! Paige and Levi like to try to roll around and eat at the same time, so that can be a challenge. Of course what isn't a challenge when it comes to triplets! So I have a picture of them fresh out of the bath all lined up for a before bed snack. :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

10 months!!!

I have been so busy with getting Girl Scouts under way that I didn't get to do my 10 months post! Wow I can not believe that we have reached double digits and in 2 months they will be one year old! Gah! where did the time go? It seems just yesterday I was lying on the couch miserable and wishing them out of me! Lol! I am so glad they stayed in 2 more months and came out happy healthy little babies!

Levi - He is such an energy packed little boy. He started crawling last week! He looked so funny crawling. He looked like a little crunched up ball that moved just by swishing his hips back and forth. After almost a week of crawling he is starting to loosen up a bit. He is also getting much faster. As soon as he is on the floor he takes off. I love that he gets this little squeaky laugh when he is up to no good. He does it when he is super excited about finding something fun....aka a blanket on the couch or something of that nature. I have started leaving receiving blankets, old shirts, and burp clothes around for him to find. He is too funny when he finally finds them! Levi is still my toothless wonder. I see one about to break on the top though. Apparently he is going Nathan's route of getting teeth!

Nathan - He is such a happy baby. Seriously he laughs at anything! He is my last baby to move. I am waiting for him to crawl. He is no where near it though. He has started moving in a circle while sitting so at least he is trying to move somehow! He just loves to sit and play. His favorite toys right now are the ring stacker and a little people bus with some little people in it. He loves to turn the bus over and spin the wheels. I have a feeling he might be my tinkerer in the future! :) Nathan now has 2 teeth! He has one on top and one on bottom. He is very close to cutting the 2nd top tooth. Don't stick your finger in his mouth you might get bit!

Paige - The princess. She is on the move 24/7. She crawls everywhere and is pulling herself up on everything. She is also starting to take a few steps while holding on to things. She has also become quite the snuggler. When she started to crawl she would always crawl into whomever is on the floor's lap and just cuddle. I love it. She is so cute when she is cuddling. She is also quite the chatterbox. Every now and then I swear I hear a real word. I am waiting to hear it over and over a couple times before I say yes it's a real word. She has started waving which is super cute. Today we went to ikea and she was waving to strangers. Haha. Paige has 2 teeth on the bottom. I don't see any sign of teeth anytime soon coming in up top. Her bottom teeth are still not all the way in!

We have been playing out in their playroom more and more. We start our day in the living room and after naptime we will go play in the playroom. I just move the gate a little and let them crawl in their themselves. I sometimes open the door to the playroom to get some air throughout the house and they have started thinking that if I open the door they get to go play out there. Oh the meltdowns when they can't get out there. Levi especially. He checks to see if I have moved the gate several times a day. He books it when he sees it open. It is very cute.

So of course I need to show off their 10 month photos. I know I say this every time but man they are a challenge to photograph! This time they all realized that if they raised their legs in the air and brought them back down again they would bounce on the couch. Too funny. It was also funny when they tried it on the floor later and the bounce factor was just not there!


My trio!

Nathan's tooth!

I got a picture of his tooth! I just love that his little smile has character to it now....well more character anyway :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Our first hayride

Last night we went to my cousins house for their annual hayride and bonfire. They say it is their last but I hope they change their minds! I look forward to it every year. They really know how to throw a party! We took the trio on their first hayride. The boys were fascinated and Paige cried. I think Paige was tired though she didn't take much of a nap. Nathan wouldn't take his eyes off of the tractor. No matter what way you held him he strained to see the tractor. Levi was also interested in the tractor and just looking around. As soon as I faced Paige so she could see the tractor she calmed down. It was a fun ride.

They also had one of those bounce houses. We waited till they took the older kids on another hayride and then took the trio into the bounce house. Nathan thought it was hilarious as long as someone was holding him up. He toppled easily. Levi just took it all in and eventually warmed up to it. Paige tried crawling in it which didn't really work out to well for her.

They had turkey and mac and cheese for dinner. They loved it! They made a nice mess too. :) They also played on some towels I brought with some of their toys. By the evening they were pooped! We put on P.J.'s and had a bottle and then they fell asleep in their jogging stroller. We were waiting for the haunted hayride that Daddy was helping with to finish so we could see the bonfire. Unfortunately the hayride took a little too long and we left as they were lighting the fire. We had a blast though. Here are some of my favorite pictures from last night. And I'm in one of them! Gasp! :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A trio of hats!

I decided that the hats didn't look "finished" enough so I decided to add little poms to them all. I think they look way cuter this way! Also notice in the 1st picture who has a bink and then who has it in the 2nd picture. This is our new game of Steal the bink. It has been a crowd favorite :)

Look what I made part 3!!!

Here is Paige's hat. She is getting harder and harder to photograph. She tries to crawl towards me to "help" take pictures! :)

Look what I made part 2!!

Here is Nathan's finished hat :)