Monday, July 15, 2013

Busy day!

We had so many visitors today! I don't blame so many for coming since my cousin Abby came over with her boys and beautiful little Charlotte whom we had not had the chance of meeting yet! The first thing both boys wanted to do was hold her.

Levi holding Charlotte.

Nathan getting a turn.

I eventually convinced Paige to hold her.

Recognize this play mat? The last time Paige was on it she was a lot smaller!

We had so much fun today playing with our cousins! I hope we get to do it again real soon!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


We had a very busy Easter weekend this year. The kids had a blast. Saturday morning we went to church for the annual Easter egg hunt. It was a beautiful day and they got to look for their eggs outside. They got their faces painted and listened to a story told by Pastor Mitman. Then egg time!

Here we are being goofy and waiting for the egg hunt to start. I was happy that their shirts from last year still fit!

The kids go in 3 separate directions making it hard to take their picture while hunting eggs. Here they are checking out their hoard of eggs they found!

After the egg hunt the Easter bunny himself showed up!

After the egg hunt we went home to dye Easter eggs. I got a new kit that I thought looked neat and was really easy for the kids to use. I hope I can find it again next year!

Here they are all ready to dye eggs! We used little rollers to put the dye on the eggs which worked out great. By the way old adult t-shirts work awesome for paint smocks!

Paige very into her egg dying.

Levi painting away.

Nathan. I love the tongue out!

Our finished eggs. Levi has Iron man, Paige has Barbie, and Nathan has Hulk. :)

After nap we continued our Easter fun by having Easter dinner at Grammy and Pop-pop's house. When we showed up they had all already hid eggs for the kids! Aunt Kristen and Aunt Stephanie were there with Shawn and Travis.

Waiting for the go to find eggs!

And they are off!

No one seemed to be able to find the one on the top of the playground!

Look what we found!

After we got home it was time to set up their baskets for the Easter bunny to come!

All set up and ready to go! We even put a carrot out for the bunny. Thanks Grammy! (Since Mommy forgot to get one)

They each put one of their eggs in their basket so the bunny would know whose basket was whose.

The bunny came! He even nibbled the carrot!

All dressed and ready for church.

Paige in her pretty Easter dress that Mommy made for her :)

Paige in Mommy's Easter coat that Grammy made. I need to find a picture of me and scan it in. I would love to see the 2 pictures side by side to see how they look.

We had a great Easter. As the kids get older, holidays get more and more fun for us! I hope they believe in all of these things for a very long time!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Close to my heart

You may notice a new little badge off to the right. That is my new business adventure! I joined Close to my heart as a consultant! I love scrapbooking and papercrafting and now I get to share my passion! I am so excited about my new adventure. So if you need anything just click the link and shop away. Any questions feel free to ask. If you would like to host a get together to craft with friends just let me know! :)

And don't worry I am working on my Easter post. It is taking me a little while since Levi decided to take some of my keys off my keyboard again. Arn't kids fun!?!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Daddy and Paige day

By now most people should know I like a deal. I also love free things. Which is why we do Home Depot every month. It is a great program for the kids and we get to do something fun! Well I found something fun for Alan to do just with Paige. Chick Fil A offers a Father daughter night every once in a while. I signed them up for one this month. They went this past Monday and had a blast. All it cost was the price of the meal. You need to make reservations ahead of time but it is well worth it! When they first arrived they had their picture taken by Cardinal Camera in Quakertown. They were then taken to their table which had table clothes on it and flowers.

This was on their table. They had their staff dressed as servers and took their order and served them their meal.

Paige also got her face painted and whole bunch of goodies. he got a bracelet, some rings, a wand, a cow, and a red carnation. he was in heaven!

Sweet and Sassy was also there with their pink limo. Paige and Alan got to take a ride around the parking lot in it! Paige also got to play in the play place. he had a great time and Alan loved having the one on one time with her.

I think we need to do more things like this. I agree with Alan that each of the kids are totally different kids when it is just them and no one else. No competing for attention or doing things to get a rise out of someone else. We need to do more stuff like this!

Meanwhile as Daddy and Paige were having a blast I was home with the boys. I made their favorite dinner of mac and cheese and let them eat in the living room. They also got chocolate milk!

Everyone had a good night! I can't wait for the next one so they can go have fun again! :)


We have a super hero in our midst. His favorite thing to do is go "wort wort all over my house".

It is Levi Spiderman! This was his reward for finally going number 2 on the potty! We have had this costume saved for him for months. He finally did it and I can now say he is potty trained! (well not at night but I will take what I can get) We still have accidents here and there but hey who wants to stop playing to do that potty nonsense anyway!?! We are so proud of our little Spiderman.  Paige is also right there with him and earned her Tinkerbell shoes about a month or so ago. She was a lot easier than him in this aspect. Now we just need to work on Nathan!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tool time

Yesterday we did our monthly visit to Home Depot for their free kids workshop. This month the kids got to make race cars! The boys were especially excited for these! We always go right at 9am to try and beat the rush. The moved to a different spot in the store this time. It had a lot more space and better lighting so I liked this new spot and I hope they keep it!

Opening up our kits. There was no paint involved this time. We got to play with stickers instead! Levi like to wear the safety goggles. :)

Hammer time!

So proud of our cars!

After Home Depot we usually go to Calvary church to play at Mr. B's which is an indoor play place. It was closed yesterday because they were having an outdoor show. o we went to that instead! Luckily a lot of it was inside since it was so cold. We did go outside to play in the bounce house though!

Taking a boat ride.

They also got their faces painted for the first time. Levi got an alligator, Paige a butterfly, and Nathan a spider. They sat so nicely to get their faces painted. We had a great day!

Friday, March 1, 2013

My little dancer

We enrolled Paige into her first dance class! A couple weeks ago we became members of the YMCA and decided to enroll Paige in petite feet which is an introductory class for dance. She is fascinated be ballerinas and loves to dance and sing and listen to music. Today was her first class and she loved it! She went right on in the room and didn't even notice I had left. (I watched her dancing through the door though!) She had a blast dancing and doing girly things with all the ballerinas in her class! She was so excited when other girls started coming in. She stood and counted all the ballerinas. When the class was over she came out of it all upset. I though she didn't like it even though she looked like she was having fun. Nope she was sad it was over. She came up to me pouting saying she wanted to dance more! I am so happy she had fun. Can't wait till next week! :)

This is the only picture I got. I considered be stalker like and taking pictures during but I didn't want to distract her and be "that" Mom. lol. I am lucky I got this one because she just wanted to run around with all the other girls!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Nick Knack

My cousin crochets beautiful hats. She even started her own business. I have always wanted hats like that for the kids. When I saw she made them I decided to see if she could do a little something for me. Well I must say I am extremely pleased and impressed with what she came up with! They turned out awesome and even more the kids absolutely love them.

How cute are they!?! I had to coax the kids to take them off. Levi kept telling me he was so excited for his new hat. I love how much they love them and they look so cute in them! Thank you so much Jenny! You did a beautiful job.

Check out Nick Knack Krochet if you want a hat as cute as these!

She is on Facebook and Etsy. :)

Valentine's Day

We usually don't do anything for Valentine's day. At least not really since we left college. Today we had a great day. We didn't go over the top doing all sorts of crazy things but we did have some special treats. The one thing I want to teach my kids is how to treat the ones you love. So in doing that I had Alan take the boys to Claire's flower shop in Perkasie and get Paige some flowers. They were so excited when they got home to give their flowers. They even got some for me!

Levi decided he didn't want his picture taken. He was hiding behind the door. Little stinker.

Putting the flowers in water.

Mmmmm they smell good!

This morning I took the kids to Mr. B's which is an indoor playground in Souderton. The kids had a blast playing and running around. We came home and had a usual lunch and nap. After Daddy got home from work we opened some cards from Grandma and Pepaw. They also sent gifts for the kids which they loved. :) In their cards were some coupons for McDonalds. So we went there for dessert!

The kids each got a free ice cream cone. Alan and I had a shamrock shake. A good end to our night!

Me and my girl. <3 p="">
After the kids were in bed I had my dessert. Happy Valentine's day! :)

Ash Wednesday

Want to know where my kids get their crazy from? Well look no further. Alan went to the Ash Wednesday service at church and I asked him to let me take a picture of him for my picture of the day. Here is what I got.

Yea apples don't fall far from the tree. lol