Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tool time

Yesterday we did our monthly visit to Home Depot for their free kids workshop. This month the kids got to make race cars! The boys were especially excited for these! We always go right at 9am to try and beat the rush. The moved to a different spot in the store this time. It had a lot more space and better lighting so I liked this new spot and I hope they keep it!

Opening up our kits. There was no paint involved this time. We got to play with stickers instead! Levi like to wear the safety goggles. :)

Hammer time!

So proud of our cars!

After Home Depot we usually go to Calvary church to play at Mr. B's which is an indoor play place. It was closed yesterday because they were having an outdoor show. o we went to that instead! Luckily a lot of it was inside since it was so cold. We did go outside to play in the bounce house though!

Taking a boat ride.

They also got their faces painted for the first time. Levi got an alligator, Paige a butterfly, and Nathan a spider. They sat so nicely to get their faces painted. We had a great day!

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