Friday, November 26, 2010

Our last "first" holiday

Yesterday was the trio's last "first" holiday. We had a great Thanksgiving. Aside from the snow (I was told rain I do NOT like being lied to!) the day went great. We hung out at home until after their first nap. After that we packed up and went over to Grammy and Pop-pop's house. They took an awesome afternoon nap at their house. I was very happy about that. We did lots of playing and then we had our feast! Gobble gobble! Levi and Paige loved it. They just went to town. Nathan didn't really eat much. Not sure what was up with that. All in all we had an awesome Thanksgiving. I have so much to be thankful for in the last year. Mostly for my absolutely beautiful and wild babies. For my loving husband for which without him I would not have such wonderful babies. For my parents. Because without them I don't know where we would be. They have been our rock this past year as well as our saving grace. They have done so much for us and the babies I could never ever begin to explain the love I have for them. I just hope that some day I will be able to show them how much I appreciate what they have done for us. We love you Grammy and Pop-pop!!!

On to the pictures, because there are a lot! They have their cute Thanksgiving inspired shirts on and turkey bibs which I received as a baby shower gift. I also did before and after eating pics. Also there is a pic of them playing in Grammy and Pop-pop's play kitchen helping Grammy cook! Enjoy! :)

Levi stood!

Levi up and decided he was going to stand all by himself! Alan and Levi were playing on the floor and Levi pulled up using Alan and then just let go! He was so proud of himself. I love watching them discover things that they can do. They get so excited when the accomplish something it is too cute. He hasn't done it too often but he is getting braver. He has even started transferring himself from different pieces of furniture as long as they are close enough. We may have a walker in another month is not sooner!

1st birthday invites

Now that the invites have been mailed I can show our photo shoot for their 1st birthday invites. I loved how our DAD photo turned out for father's day so I decided to do something similar for their invites. It is very convenient that they are turning one...3 letters 3 babies. :) Enjoy our photos!

Osh Kosh bgosh!

I used to hate overalls the the trio. They were too cumbersome for how little they were. Well I have changed my mind! I absolutely love how they look in their overalls. Way too cute!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kern's Krafts

Time for an all about me post :) I have been working on trying to get a little side business started. I have always loved to craft. I have been crafting since elementary school. In fact I was in a group of girls called the Three Crafty Girls or 3CG. We used to go to each others houses and craft and then sell our crafts at craft sales. I can still remember us using hot glue and decorating little trinket boxes.

So anyway I have been making jewelry and scarves since before the babies were born. Since they were born I decided to try my hand at knitting baby hats. I knit ones for my trio and have gotten a lot of compliments so I added them to my list of things I craft. I also want to add tutu's and possibly diaper cakes. I just recently made a diaper cake for a friend's shower and of course I didn't think to make a picture of it. Oh well.

So last night I went out for the first time as Kern's Krafts. My Mom's for multiples group did a vendor night so I decided to get a table. My sister Kristen joined me trying to get some pet portraits lined up. I had fun but I only sold 1 thing. So it was kind of a bust but hey I got the experience. Kristen and I are going to work on our display and such and come spring I think we are going to try to do some craft shows and such. I am very excited. Of course I need to sell different things in the spring because my hats and scarves won't sell again till next fall. I haven't decided if I want to do and Etsy store or not. We shall see.

If you see something you like feel free to let me know! :) I can do any color you like. Hopefully our next show will be better!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

11 Months!

Wow! I can't believe they are 11 months old! 1 more month and they will be one! *sob* Where have my babies gone!?! I can't believe how quick this last year has gone. They have gone from tiny little 4 pound hairless monkeys to 3 little spitfires with awesome personalities. I love seeing how much they are blossoming and learning. They just soak it all in.

Levi: Levi has 2 teeth, a top and a bottom. He is a master crawler and has been pulling himself up everywhere. He is working on getting himself down after pulling up. He loves to babble and chat with you. He also loves his food! He is very quick to smile and laugh. He has such a huge personality I have no clue where he fits it all!

Nathan: Nathan has 3 teeth, 2 on top and 1 on the bottom. He is a master sitter and has just started going onto his belly to try and crawl. He has an appointment with Early Intervention on December 2nd to check into his lack of crawling and his eating issues. He loves to eat but will not feed himself. He can pick up the food but does not connect his hands with his mouth. Again we are working on this. He will now feed 2 things to himself. Mum-mums and cheese doodles (the gerber baby ones). It does not take much to get a great toothy grin out of him. He loves to bang his toys together and is an all around pleasant happy baby.

Paige: Paige has 2 teeth. She has her 2 bottom teeth. She is a master crawler, puller upper, and cruiser. She has started using her walking toys to walk. Although she doesn't get far before she runs into something or someone. She loves to hear herself talk. She says yea, yay, Dadada, and I swear she says kitty. She loves to cuddle and go from lap to lap. She has also started to point at everything. Her little finger is always out!

All in all the last 11 months have been the best of my life so far. They are my world and I fall in love with them more and more every day. :)

Cooking with Mama

The trio has decided that they don't like to be confined when I am making their meals. They now come into the kitchen and help me "cook" their meals. I have a basket set up with their cooking toys and they come with me into the kitchen and play. They love to help Mama cook! Levi is very inquisitive. He tends to get into everything. Alan needs to put the latches on the cabinets! He also loves to go down the hallway and shut the front door. I leave it open because I would think they would like to look out the door. (We have an all glass door they can see out of) Apparently he would rather shut the other door so he can't see out. Funny little boy. Paige and Levi have also discovered the cat door on the basement door. They haven't put anything through it yet...but they did just discover it so I am just waiting! We love to cook with Mama!

Adventure Aquarium in Camden

We took our trio to the Adventure Aquarium this past Sunday. I frequent a message board called the Bump and a few of us in this area decided to do a meet up at the Aquarium. We weren't supposed to meet until 12pm but Alan, the babies, and I decided to get there early so we could see all the fishes before we met up with the other ladies and their babies. Good thing we did too. We got there shortly after it opened and we were able to walk around without too many people there. It was really nice for the shark tunnel because there was only one other family in there at the same time as us. We then had lunch and got ready to meet some other bumpies.

Well that part didn't work out so well. Supposedly there were supposed to be women coming from New York and New Jersey, and Maryland I think. There was also another woman who I have been in touch with about getting together because she lives near us. Well everyone bailed except the bumpie that lives near us. Too bad we didn't know ahead of time because we could have met somewhere closer and cheaper. Oh well. Hopefully the next meet up will go better. We had fun at the aquarium. Although I kinda wondered what the main attraction was. The fish or us in our choo choo wagon. I must admit they are awful cute in their wagon. They also had their Eagles gear on. Go Eagles!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Stomach bug

So we decided to bring in the month of November with a bang. And what a bang it was. We came down with a stomach bug. Yuck! Now I hate being sick just like any other person. But this was a new playing field for us. Usually when I am sick and can wallow in my misery in peace and that is that. Well guess what!?! I have 3 little people who depend on me for everything! So while I did wallow it was a different kind of wallow.

It started Monday night with Alan at 7pm. I had it by 11pm. The next morning I called my Mom at 6am and she was here by 7am to take car of the babies. By 11am she wasn't feeling well. Luckily Alan was feeling better so he took over and Mom went home. I was a mess. For some reason it hit me really hard. I could barely peel myself off the couch. I felt horrible because I couldn't care for my babies very well if at all. We went to bed at 7:40pm that night. Alan decided to stay home from work Wednesday too because of how I was looking. Thank goodness he did. I had a migraine from hell for most of the day. Aleve and lots of liquids and some food finally took the edge off and I felt better.

Tuesday morning Paige had thrown up all over her crib. She was the only one who threw up out of the babies thank goodness. All 3 have had some pretty special diapers though. I think we have finally seen the last of those though. Unfortunately there is no break because the trio is now coming down with a cold. Poor babies. Must sanitize!