Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cooking with Mama

The trio has decided that they don't like to be confined when I am making their meals. They now come into the kitchen and help me "cook" their meals. I have a basket set up with their cooking toys and they come with me into the kitchen and play. They love to help Mama cook! Levi is very inquisitive. He tends to get into everything. Alan needs to put the latches on the cabinets! He also loves to go down the hallway and shut the front door. I leave it open because I would think they would like to look out the door. (We have an all glass door they can see out of) Apparently he would rather shut the other door so he can't see out. Funny little boy. Paige and Levi have also discovered the cat door on the basement door. They haven't put anything through it yet...but they did just discover it so I am just waiting! We love to cook with Mama!

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