Saturday, April 30, 2011

Playing outside

The boys love to share! It never fails Nathan gets into the cozy coop and Levi insists that he needs to be int there too. Much pushing ensues until someone decides to pull one of them out.

There is a 2 car pile up on the porchway. Look out for the firetruck coming through!

See now we are playing nice. Although the only one pushing would be Nathan. Levi is just going along for the ride!

Playing on the slide.

Look who got the car all to himself!

Nathan decided to be a fireman instead. Love his grin!

First time actually playing in the yard. The grass has been so wet lately that we haven't really ventured off the porch. Now of course they know what is out there so there is no keeping them on the porch!


Pretty flower!

Paige finally decided to join us!

Nathan helping Grammy with the garden.

Piggy Tails!

Paige's hair is now long enough to put into pig tails! I love it! She has been rocking the baby mullet for so long now. She still needs to grow hair in on the sides and top of her head but now I can take her hair in the back and make pig tails! Yay!

I was really surprised that she left them in and even more surprised that no brothers attempted to pull them out! I love he with her little piggies in!

Friday, April 29, 2011

The day we met the Easter bunny

It started of well. I put them in their thing shirts for the first time. I was very excited to have them wear them since I have had them what feels like forever. A good friend brought them back for me from Universal Studios Florida! We decided to go visit the bunny at the mall. They waved to the bunny and smiled. When we let them out of the stroller Nathan wanted to go see him but the prickly grass kept him rooted where he was. Paige was first onto his lap and not happy about it. Then the boys. Well here was the end result.

Yea they got 3 shots. I had even taken my camera to take pics because as long as you buy something you can take your own. Well I didn't even get to shoot a single pic. Poor bunny and poor kids. Paige wouldn't let me put her back in the stroller for about an hour. She just clung to me.

We then went home and Aunst Stephanie came to visit and they had lots of fun playing with her.

She makes fun goofy faces! lol

My three things!


I have these sticker books I have been working on for the trio. Toy story, Cars, and Disney Princess. I was working on the one day and Paige was watching me. She came up and took the backing from one of the stickers and tried to stick it to the page.

When I worked at the daycare we used to do sticker art with the kids all the time. So when I saw Paige do this I decided to grab some paper and stickers and see how she did. She loved it! Levi and Nathan saw her doing something fun and came over to investigate. All 3 of them were sitting happily doing sticker art! They really are my kids! They want to do crafts with Mama! The next time we did our sticker art I brought out the crayons again. They actually colored with them! I am so excited to start doing crafts and things with them. Yay!

Levi checking out his handy work.

A lot of the time Levi will wave his hand around with a sticker stuck to it. It's kind of funny to watch. We are still getting the hang of the sticker thing!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Fun toy

My cousins bought themselves a new fun little toy. They decided to take it for a drive one day and bring it over to show us. The trio thought it was pretty neat and enjoyed looking at it and sitting in the jump seat. Some day when they are bigger they will get to go for a ride! What fun!

Beth and Paige walking out to see the car.

Here comes Daddy and Nathan!
Levi walked out with me so I don't have a picture of him coming out.

Beth and Mark with the boys checking out the car.

Nathan checking out the jump seat.

All 3 ready for a ride!

Hey Dad can we get one?

My boys.

Nathan really likes the car!

 My trio <3

A front view.

They named the car AJ after my Great Aunt and Great Uncle (Beth's parents) They had their wedding photo made into a license plate which I thought was pretty neat!

Did I mention that Nathan really liked the car!?! We had fun and we can't wait to have a ride!



Sunday, April 24, 2011


We have brought out the sidewalk chalk! One Sunday at Grammy and Pop-pop's we were playing outside and I gave them some chalk. There of course was some tasting but after that they actually colored on the driveway some. Gotta love chalk!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Our new floor

We are now the proud new owners of a new dining room floor thanks to my Dad and Alan. Too bad we were forced to change the flooring. Licorice has been a very bad kitty and is peeing where he shouldn't be. His favorite place was underneath the trios high chairs. It stank. He also has 2 other spots he likes which is the landing going upstairs and in front of my washer. I have tried many different things to try to fix this problem. He is good with the kids and lets them pet him but I don't think he likes that there are gates up at different times of the day and he can't go where he pleases. This of course is all speculation because I am not a cat whisperer by any means.

The pee soaked corner after removing the bad carpet.

He also went along the wall.

Floor prepped and ready for the tiles.

Pretty new floor!

Awesome job Dad and Alan! I didn't get to take any pictures of them working on it because me and the kids basically spent the weekend at my parents house. It looks nice and matches our carpet well. We love it!