Monday, April 25, 2011

Fun toy

My cousins bought themselves a new fun little toy. They decided to take it for a drive one day and bring it over to show us. The trio thought it was pretty neat and enjoyed looking at it and sitting in the jump seat. Some day when they are bigger they will get to go for a ride! What fun!

Beth and Paige walking out to see the car.

Here comes Daddy and Nathan!
Levi walked out with me so I don't have a picture of him coming out.

Beth and Mark with the boys checking out the car.

Nathan checking out the jump seat.

All 3 ready for a ride!

Hey Dad can we get one?

My boys.

Nathan really likes the car!

 My trio <3

A front view.

They named the car AJ after my Great Aunt and Great Uncle (Beth's parents) They had their wedding photo made into a license plate which I thought was pretty neat!

Did I mention that Nathan really liked the car!?! We had fun and we can't wait to have a ride!

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