Saturday, April 30, 2011

Playing outside

The boys love to share! It never fails Nathan gets into the cozy coop and Levi insists that he needs to be int there too. Much pushing ensues until someone decides to pull one of them out.

There is a 2 car pile up on the porchway. Look out for the firetruck coming through!

See now we are playing nice. Although the only one pushing would be Nathan. Levi is just going along for the ride!

Playing on the slide.

Look who got the car all to himself!

Nathan decided to be a fireman instead. Love his grin!

First time actually playing in the yard. The grass has been so wet lately that we haven't really ventured off the porch. Now of course they know what is out there so there is no keeping them on the porch!


Pretty flower!

Paige finally decided to join us!

Nathan helping Grammy with the garden.