Friday, April 29, 2011

The day we met the Easter bunny

It started of well. I put them in their thing shirts for the first time. I was very excited to have them wear them since I have had them what feels like forever. A good friend brought them back for me from Universal Studios Florida! We decided to go visit the bunny at the mall. They waved to the bunny and smiled. When we let them out of the stroller Nathan wanted to go see him but the prickly grass kept him rooted where he was. Paige was first onto his lap and not happy about it. Then the boys. Well here was the end result.

Yea they got 3 shots. I had even taken my camera to take pics because as long as you buy something you can take your own. Well I didn't even get to shoot a single pic. Poor bunny and poor kids. Paige wouldn't let me put her back in the stroller for about an hour. She just clung to me.

We then went home and Aunst Stephanie came to visit and they had lots of fun playing with her.

She makes fun goofy faces! lol

My three things!

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