Friday, April 29, 2011


I have these sticker books I have been working on for the trio. Toy story, Cars, and Disney Princess. I was working on the one day and Paige was watching me. She came up and took the backing from one of the stickers and tried to stick it to the page.

When I worked at the daycare we used to do sticker art with the kids all the time. So when I saw Paige do this I decided to grab some paper and stickers and see how she did. She loved it! Levi and Nathan saw her doing something fun and came over to investigate. All 3 of them were sitting happily doing sticker art! They really are my kids! They want to do crafts with Mama! The next time we did our sticker art I brought out the crayons again. They actually colored with them! I am so excited to start doing crafts and things with them. Yay!

Levi checking out his handy work.

A lot of the time Levi will wave his hand around with a sticker stuck to it. It's kind of funny to watch. We are still getting the hang of the sticker thing!

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