Thursday, March 31, 2011

Playing at Grammy and Pop-pop's

Since it has been nice we have been playing outside as much as we can. I really can't wait till it is even nicer out and all we have to do is put on shoes and go outside. It will also be nice when all 3 are walking and we can go outside and not worry about wet ground as much as we would with crawlers. (yes I know they will still get wet but I am hoping not as much lol)

We go to Grammy and Pop-pop's (my parents) every Sunday night for dinner. They have a very big backyard and I can't wait to be able to let them loose running around in it. I used to love doing it and I am sure they will too! Right now we stick to the patio or go to the playset to swing. They have a blast of course and love playing outside.

Yay for bubbles! And yay for the bubble jug with 3 wands!

Mmmmmm bubbles

Just a little lick.....

We used the tent that day in our Sunday school class and it was out airing out since it smelled like basement. So we played in it too. :)

Say hi to Bandit. He is 1 of my parents collie dogs. I have had a collie for as long as I can remember...till I moved out of my parents house that is. Some day.....

We're trapped!

Bandit helping Nathan on the slide. He is quite the helper puppy!


Levi checking out the wood Pop-pop got to work on the play set with. My Dad built our play set when I was younger (not sure on the age) and it needs some tuning up so it is ready for 3 toddlers this spring/summer!

Nathan also checking things out.

Levi and Nathan didn't want to touch the grass. I was trying to get them to come out to the play set themselves. I thought it was funny since Levi can walk and really didn't have to touch the grass if he didn't want to. Silly boys.

Swinging on the swings. Weeeeeeeeeeeee!

Monday, March 28, 2011

A day with Daddy

About a week ago I went to a Mother's market to help my friend Alyson sell some of her stuff. I actually left before anyone got up which was very weird. So it was up to Alan to take care of the kids until I got home that afternoon. He did awesome of course. I love that I have a husband who is great with our kids. And of course the trio loves their Daddy! I even forgot to put out clothes for them and he dressed them himself. And the clothes matched! He decided he was going to take some pics of their day to show me when I got home.

Lined up in the kitchen having breakfast.

Pretty Paige

Levi and Nathan playing. Levi likes to carry his lovey around in his mouth.

Levi enjoying his lunch

Paige having lunch

Nathan eating his cracker at lunch. Little goofball!

I scored some nice finds at the Mother's market. I got Paige a pair of sneakers that looked brand new for $2! I also got a step2 kangaroo climber for $30! I love bargain finds! Our backyard is now full of all sorts of fun things to play with. Bring on the warm weather!

Me and my Trio

I know it has been a while since we took a pic of me holding my trio. Well we tried to do this a couple weeks ago. It turned out ok but the were less than cooperative about it! They had other things to play with the blinds, climb the arm of the couch, jump on the know these are all very important things that need to be done! Lol. Gotta love toddlers!

They are getting big!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Spring is here! We have started to play outside. I love it and more importantly the trio loves it! My Mom and I have been searching high and low for some fun outdoor toys. We got a couple from craigslist and some from a mother's market. This weekend is my Mom's for multiples club sale so I hope to find a couple small things there. We have 2 little climbers and 2 cars and 3 ride on toys. Fun stuff! So far we have only played on the porch because the grass is too wet. Hopefully some day soon we will get to use our yard.

Alan and I took them to the little park in our development a few days ago. They had a blast. We started with Nathan and Paige in the swings and I let Levi wander since he is currently our only walker. He was unsure at first but eventually he was walking around with a big grin on his face. He wasn't a fan of touching the wood chips when he fell but eventually he got over it. Levi even went down the big tunnel slide all by himself! They are getting so big! They are at such a fun age. Exploring and learning new things. I love it!

Levi going up the slide

Paige and Levi having fun

Levi sitting on top and Nathan on the slide


Pretty flowers in our backyard. Welcome Spring!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

15 Months old!

March 11th the trio turned 15 months! Wow! I can honestly say I am liking this age. They are a lot of fun. They still don't have any words besides Mama and Dada but they get their point across! We have one walker and that is Levi. He is getting very good at it and walks more and more every day. Paige likes to walk on her knees. Nathan will walk holding your hands and is very proud when doing so.

This past Tuesday we went to the Pediatrician. Here are their current stats.

Levi: 31 1/2" tall (62%)
20lbs 8oz (4%)

Nathan: 32" tall (76%)
20lbs 11oz (5%)

Paige: 29 1/2" tall (28%)
18lbs 2oz (1%)

All three of them need to go to the eye doctor. They want them to go this early because they were preemies and eyesight is a concern. Levi needs to go because he is still having problems with a blocked tear duct. It was fine for 3 months and then 3 days before we have to go to the doctor it starts to act up. Go figure. Nathan is going to get his hearing checked to make sure there is nothing going on there. And then there is miss skinny minnie herself. I need to try to get Paige to gain some weight by her 18 month check up.

The Dr. is also hoping they hit a language explosion before 18 months. She wanted them to have about 6 words by now. True to form though my kids do things their own speed. So we shall see. They may wake up tomorrow and all the sudden have all these words we have never heard before.

All in all they are doing very well and we just need to keep on doing what we are doing. Apparently we are doing something right! :)


As I might have mentioned before Alan is a runner. He stopped for a while after the trio was born....that whole non sleep thing kinda messes with you. Well he recently has started back up again. He hopes to be ready for a 5K in the near future as well as possible a half marathon this spring. He also wants to run with the trio. We have a triple jogger and all 4 of them have started their training. Alan needs to train in order to push so much weight and the kids need to train just going faster and being in the stroller. Well their first run went great! Alan was tired but the kids had fun. Paige got her shoe off and was playing with it. She also sneaked her snack cup onto the stroller with her! I got some pictures of them towards the end of their run. I like this running thing now because I get a half an hour or so to myself! Bonus!

My car bling

I recently had my car detailed. It didn't get done when we bought it so the dealership owed us a detailing and we finally got it in to have it done. I bought a decal for when we got a van a long time ago. Stephanie bought me some cute decals from Disney when she was down there this past fall. I finally put them all on the van after it was all squeaky clean. I love them!

I bought this one at my Mom's for multiples club. :)

It's not too obvious that I love Disney now is it!?!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Photography by Alan

Alan has been playing with the camera here and there. Every now and then he gets a good photo or two! He needs to stop taking random pictures of their toys though. Haha! The last photo is my favorite. It is a lot of fun! His composition is getting better and better. Good job Alan! :)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Levi's first haircut

Yesterday we took Levi to get his first haircut. We took him to Elaine who has been cutting my hair for as long as I can remember. He did an awesome job. I was so impressed with him. He didn't cry or anything. He just sat there and looked around taking it all in.

Levi pre-haircut sitting on Daddy's lap.

Elaine telling Levi she is going to make him look more like Daddy.

Grammy with Nathan and Paige watching Levi get his hair cut.

Levi even let her put a cape on him!

The first cut.

Getting the back.

Showing off how long his hair was.

Levi's envelope of hair.

Finishing up.

Levi watching as Daddy gets a little trim.

We decided to have Paige's bangs trimmed while we were there.

Just a little off the front. We didn't bother with the cape because she hasn't been feeling well. Poor girl has roseola. :(

Paige with her pretty new bangs. (and playing shy)

All of us after out time at the salon. He did awesome. I am very proud of him. I hope the other 2 do just as well when we have them get their hair cut for the first time! (Paige's bang cut doesn't count in my book :P )
Levi now looks like a little boy. I love his new haircut. He looks so handsome!