Monday, March 28, 2011

A day with Daddy

About a week ago I went to a Mother's market to help my friend Alyson sell some of her stuff. I actually left before anyone got up which was very weird. So it was up to Alan to take care of the kids until I got home that afternoon. He did awesome of course. I love that I have a husband who is great with our kids. And of course the trio loves their Daddy! I even forgot to put out clothes for them and he dressed them himself. And the clothes matched! He decided he was going to take some pics of their day to show me when I got home.

Lined up in the kitchen having breakfast.

Pretty Paige

Levi and Nathan playing. Levi likes to carry his lovey around in his mouth.

Levi enjoying his lunch

Paige having lunch

Nathan eating his cracker at lunch. Little goofball!

I scored some nice finds at the Mother's market. I got Paige a pair of sneakers that looked brand new for $2! I also got a step2 kangaroo climber for $30! I love bargain finds! Our backyard is now full of all sorts of fun things to play with. Bring on the warm weather!

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