Thursday, March 31, 2011

Playing at Grammy and Pop-pop's

Since it has been nice we have been playing outside as much as we can. I really can't wait till it is even nicer out and all we have to do is put on shoes and go outside. It will also be nice when all 3 are walking and we can go outside and not worry about wet ground as much as we would with crawlers. (yes I know they will still get wet but I am hoping not as much lol)

We go to Grammy and Pop-pop's (my parents) every Sunday night for dinner. They have a very big backyard and I can't wait to be able to let them loose running around in it. I used to love doing it and I am sure they will too! Right now we stick to the patio or go to the playset to swing. They have a blast of course and love playing outside.

Yay for bubbles! And yay for the bubble jug with 3 wands!

Mmmmmm bubbles

Just a little lick.....

We used the tent that day in our Sunday school class and it was out airing out since it smelled like basement. So we played in it too. :)

Say hi to Bandit. He is 1 of my parents collie dogs. I have had a collie for as long as I can remember...till I moved out of my parents house that is. Some day.....

We're trapped!

Bandit helping Nathan on the slide. He is quite the helper puppy!


Levi checking out the wood Pop-pop got to work on the play set with. My Dad built our play set when I was younger (not sure on the age) and it needs some tuning up so it is ready for 3 toddlers this spring/summer!

Nathan also checking things out.

Levi and Nathan didn't want to touch the grass. I was trying to get them to come out to the play set themselves. I thought it was funny since Levi can walk and really didn't have to touch the grass if he didn't want to. Silly boys.

Swinging on the swings. Weeeeeeeeeeeee!

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