Thursday, March 17, 2011


As I might have mentioned before Alan is a runner. He stopped for a while after the trio was born....that whole non sleep thing kinda messes with you. Well he recently has started back up again. He hopes to be ready for a 5K in the near future as well as possible a half marathon this spring. He also wants to run with the trio. We have a triple jogger and all 4 of them have started their training. Alan needs to train in order to push so much weight and the kids need to train just going faster and being in the stroller. Well their first run went great! Alan was tired but the kids had fun. Paige got her shoe off and was playing with it. She also sneaked her snack cup onto the stroller with her! I got some pictures of them towards the end of their run. I like this running thing now because I get a half an hour or so to myself! Bonus!

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  1. go alan!
    ps. your neighbourhood looks beautiful!