Thursday, March 17, 2011

15 Months old!

March 11th the trio turned 15 months! Wow! I can honestly say I am liking this age. They are a lot of fun. They still don't have any words besides Mama and Dada but they get their point across! We have one walker and that is Levi. He is getting very good at it and walks more and more every day. Paige likes to walk on her knees. Nathan will walk holding your hands and is very proud when doing so.

This past Tuesday we went to the Pediatrician. Here are their current stats.

Levi: 31 1/2" tall (62%)
20lbs 8oz (4%)

Nathan: 32" tall (76%)
20lbs 11oz (5%)

Paige: 29 1/2" tall (28%)
18lbs 2oz (1%)

All three of them need to go to the eye doctor. They want them to go this early because they were preemies and eyesight is a concern. Levi needs to go because he is still having problems with a blocked tear duct. It was fine for 3 months and then 3 days before we have to go to the doctor it starts to act up. Go figure. Nathan is going to get his hearing checked to make sure there is nothing going on there. And then there is miss skinny minnie herself. I need to try to get Paige to gain some weight by her 18 month check up.

The Dr. is also hoping they hit a language explosion before 18 months. She wanted them to have about 6 words by now. True to form though my kids do things their own speed. So we shall see. They may wake up tomorrow and all the sudden have all these words we have never heard before.

All in all they are doing very well and we just need to keep on doing what we are doing. Apparently we are doing something right! :)

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