Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Spring is here! We have started to play outside. I love it and more importantly the trio loves it! My Mom and I have been searching high and low for some fun outdoor toys. We got a couple from craigslist and some from a mother's market. This weekend is my Mom's for multiples club sale so I hope to find a couple small things there. We have 2 little climbers and 2 cars and 3 ride on toys. Fun stuff! So far we have only played on the porch because the grass is too wet. Hopefully some day soon we will get to use our yard.

Alan and I took them to the little park in our development a few days ago. They had a blast. We started with Nathan and Paige in the swings and I let Levi wander since he is currently our only walker. He was unsure at first but eventually he was walking around with a big grin on his face. He wasn't a fan of touching the wood chips when he fell but eventually he got over it. Levi even went down the big tunnel slide all by himself! They are getting so big! They are at such a fun age. Exploring and learning new things. I love it!

Levi going up the slide

Paige and Levi having fun

Levi sitting on top and Nathan on the slide


Pretty flowers in our backyard. Welcome Spring!


  1. they look like they're having so much fun! we want to come play :)

    (and yay for spring!!)

  2. Come on over! there is plenty room for more to play! :)