Friday, July 29, 2011

Window art

Kmart had a sale on Crayola a few weeks back and I decided to stock up on some items to do art with the trio. Well one thing I found was window crayons. I was intrigued so I picked up a set. We have a room of all windows so why not pretty them up a bit!?! Well they seem to be a big hit with my trio. The kids love to color on the sliding glass door. Lots of fun. Much supervision is of course needed so that only the glass is getting decorated! Fortunately if any does get anywhere else it is very easily cleaned off. If you have windows or mirrors that your child can reach I recommend these!

Whoops got some on our table! Fortunately it wiped right off! We love to color with our new special crayons!

Giggleberry Fair

About a month ago my Mom and I took the trio to Peddlers Village. We went to Giggleberry Fair to meet with my Mom's old friend who was in town. It is a very nice indoor play place for kids with a carousel. I thought we would just be in the toddler area but the bigger kids area with nets and slides and all sorts of things to climb wasn't that full so we took them in there. Well the boys had a blast climbing and sliding and running around. Paige was being clingy but I eventually got her to play with some balls and walk around a bit. We had a blast!

First they rode the little carousel which had 3 horses on it! Perfect for my trio :)

This is the giant slide the boys went down by themselves! I was so impressed that they did it by themselves and loved it! They kept climbing back up for more!

Paige putting balls in a bag

Playing in the play area.

We then took them on the big carousel. Levi was the only one who stayed on the horse the whole time. Paige and Nathan ended up sitting in one of those stationary carriages.

My Mom's friends daughter came too with her very cute little boy who is about 6 months old. It was great seeing them again! I can't wait to take them back there to play again. I am so glad we got to see them when they were out here to visit!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Brusha brusha

Brushing teeth has just been one of those things that I could never remember to do with my trio. They get into too much when standing in the bathroom. Then there is the fact that they want to run around with the toothbrushes in their mouths which is an accident waiting to happen. So because of this I was a bad Mommy and didn't brush their teeth everyday because I never remembered until they were in bed for the night. Woops! Well I came up with a solution. I decided that we needed somewhere for them to sit. I talked it over with my Mom and began my search for 3 cheap little chairs. My Mom and Dad found them 3 little chairs for cheap and they are perfect! They now sit right outside the bathroom door and we now sit in them right before bed to brush our teeth. It has been working out great and I am so glad we found a solution!

What's funny is they picked where they would sit and it just so happens that Paige picked the red chair and the boys picked blue. They automatically sit in this order now every time. I think they might be used to sitting in that order since that is how I put them every month for their pictures. Interesting!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Please Touch Museum

We had visitors 2 weeks ago come down to visit us and the trio. Alan's Mom and Grandmother came down for the weekend. We had a very nice visit. On Sunday we took the trio to the Please touch museum. I had heard a lot of good things about it and I was excited to go with them. Well we had a blast! It was so much fun! We were only there for a couple of hours and didn't get to see everything but it was so worth it. We can't wait to go back! They have 3 spots throughout the museum just for toddlers 3 and under. We made it to 2 out of the 3 areas. I highly recomend taking your kids there if you are ever in the area!

This is the first thing you see when you enter the museum. It is the Statue of Liberty's hand made out of old toys. There is the trio waiting to go and play. I must also suggest that if you have walking toddlers just leave the strollers in the car. I think this and one other time were the only times they were in the strollers. The rest of the time we needed to remember to grab them when moving from place to place.

The first spot we played was in the transportation area. They had cars to climb on. They had a Septa bus that you could board. There was a car with the hood open so kids could look inside it through plexi glass. It is very neat. They get to play while secretly learning things! Muwahahaha.


Then we went to an air and space type section of the museum. They went through a tunnel and could walk on a balance beam. There were clouds that played music when you walked on them. For some of the older kids they could make foam rockets and launch them into the air! In this picture we were placing different balls on top of air vents so the balls would float. Pretty neat!

This was outside the first toddler area we went to. Paige like playing the little piano.

And then we al played on the big piano! Just like they did in the movie Big! :)

In the first toddler area the boys made a pretend fire inside a tree. They also had a log slide which the boys loved. There were lily pads that played music that they could walk on. There was also a swan with some eggs they could play with. It was very cute and the boys loved climbing up the stairs and going down the slide. I was manning the stairs so I didn't get any good pictures of that.

The second toddler area we went to had more of a nursery rhyme feel to it. There was a lot more for them to do here and we spent a lot of time in this section. Here is Nathan and Paige having some pie.

Here we are taking the mittens down from the wash line. Now Mommy just needs a wash line and they will be all ready to help!

Here is Levi jumping on some soft story books.

And then Paige got in on the jumping action.

This ship was Nathan's favorite part. I had to make him leave it a couple times to let other kids have a turn! It was very neat. When you turned the wheel the ship would go up and down like a boat on the water. Nathan though that was the neatest thing. I think his Grandpa is going to have to take him out on Lake Erie some day!

The last section we wandered through was an Alice in Wonderland themed area. Here they are in a hallway that gets smaller the further you get up into it. They also had a table where you could have tea with the Mad Hatter. You could also play crochet with bird clubs and wander through a maze.

We ended our day at the gift shop. Grandma bought them Yo Gabba Gabba tub toys. All in all we had an awesome day and we can't wait to go back!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th!

My trio would like to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July! I hope everyone has a great day. Enjoy your picnics and fireworks! :)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Random ramblings

Daddy is continuing his rigorous training by pushing us all around in a laundry basket. Who knew helping Mommy with the laundry was so much fun!

Nathan in his knew hat. I found it on clearance but they only had one. Now I just need to find one for Levi!

Levi decided he was going to wear Aunt Kristen's flip flops around. I was pretty impressed that he got it on his foot right. I tried flips flops on all 3 of them about a month ago and they all freaked that something was in between their toes!

Look! It's an Aunt Kristen!

So we have our trio very well trained. When it is naptime we say get your lovies and let's go. They then grab their lovies (most of the time) and chant go go go as they go to the stairs and wait for someone to remove the gate. I make them wait till everyone is there which usually leads to at least one of them being a little impatient!

Look! It's an Aunt Stephanie! The boys have discovered her belly button ring.

We shall end my ramblings with little miss Paige. She got these jammies from her Aunt Erica and they came with a little tutu. Well she has decided that she wants to wear this tutu with everything. She will bring you the tutu and then hold on to you while lifting her foot expecting you to put it on her. Very cute. Sometimes we hide the tutu though because there is no need for a tutu some days! :) I seriously don't know how I ended up with such a girly girl. I am far from being a clothes/shoes lover. She also loves her purse from Aunt Kristen. I think I may be in trouble with this one!