Sunday, July 3, 2011

Random ramblings

Daddy is continuing his rigorous training by pushing us all around in a laundry basket. Who knew helping Mommy with the laundry was so much fun!

Nathan in his knew hat. I found it on clearance but they only had one. Now I just need to find one for Levi!

Levi decided he was going to wear Aunt Kristen's flip flops around. I was pretty impressed that he got it on his foot right. I tried flips flops on all 3 of them about a month ago and they all freaked that something was in between their toes!

Look! It's an Aunt Kristen!

So we have our trio very well trained. When it is naptime we say get your lovies and let's go. They then grab their lovies (most of the time) and chant go go go as they go to the stairs and wait for someone to remove the gate. I make them wait till everyone is there which usually leads to at least one of them being a little impatient!

Look! It's an Aunt Stephanie! The boys have discovered her belly button ring.

We shall end my ramblings with little miss Paige. She got these jammies from her Aunt Erica and they came with a little tutu. Well she has decided that she wants to wear this tutu with everything. She will bring you the tutu and then hold on to you while lifting her foot expecting you to put it on her. Very cute. Sometimes we hide the tutu though because there is no need for a tutu some days! :) I seriously don't know how I ended up with such a girly girl. I am far from being a clothes/shoes lover. She also loves her purse from Aunt Kristen. I think I may be in trouble with this one!

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