Saturday, July 16, 2011

Brusha brusha

Brushing teeth has just been one of those things that I could never remember to do with my trio. They get into too much when standing in the bathroom. Then there is the fact that they want to run around with the toothbrushes in their mouths which is an accident waiting to happen. So because of this I was a bad Mommy and didn't brush their teeth everyday because I never remembered until they were in bed for the night. Woops! Well I came up with a solution. I decided that we needed somewhere for them to sit. I talked it over with my Mom and began my search for 3 cheap little chairs. My Mom and Dad found them 3 little chairs for cheap and they are perfect! They now sit right outside the bathroom door and we now sit in them right before bed to brush our teeth. It has been working out great and I am so glad we found a solution!

What's funny is they picked where they would sit and it just so happens that Paige picked the red chair and the boys picked blue. They automatically sit in this order now every time. I think they might be used to sitting in that order since that is how I put them every month for their pictures. Interesting!

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