Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Aunt Stephanie!

Aunt Stephanie's birthday was May 1st (see I told you I was behind!) Aunt Stephanie lives about 2 hours away so we don't get to see her as much as we would like. We decided to surprise her by taking the trio down to see her. They had never been to her and Travis' house before. It was a nice surprise and we had a great visit. It was also a lot of work since their place is far from babyproof. Makes me dread taking them anywhere not our house for long periods of time!

Happy Birthday Aunt Stephanie!

Mommy and Levi!

Playing with Billy the pig.

Here piggy have some celery.

Paige feeding Billy.

That's right another picture with Mommy!

Nathan with Grammy.

Sssssssaaatttt? (toddler translation: What's that?)

Playing on the porch with the awesome purple rug! Hahaha


Make a wish :)

Daddy's girl.

Happy Birthday Aunt Stephanie! :)

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Time flies!

I have just been busy busy. I started working part time 2 weeks ago. Between that and Girl Scouts and having 3 toddlers I am wiped by the end of the day! I do like my job though and I am excited to do more with it. I am now an employee at Michaels arts and crafts store. I have talked to my boss about possibly teaching some scrapbooking classes. Fun stuff!

Last week Levi had his surgery on his right eye to unclog his tear duct. It went really well. He was a champ and was back to normal by that evening. In fact he was extra naughty that afternoon and we joked that he must have been given naughty drugs at the surgical center! His eye is a thousand times better. No more gook.

So I will leave you all with some pictures while I get my act together to get caught up on some posts.

Levi saying hi to the neighbors dog Riley.

Nathan helping Daddy with the mowing.

Levi looking very well put together.

This is one place I haven't figured out how to baby proof. They are constantly playing with the door and every now and then they totally close it and can't get it open again. Now Nathan is very upset being locked on ther other side but I bet you anything he is the one who closed it that time!

Levi giving Daddy some love!

Grammy reading Nathan and Paige a book.

Levi reading nicely to himself.

Nathan showing off his girly side.

We teach them young around here! lol

Having a tea party.

Paige photographed by Daddy.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I love when Alan brings his bass guitar upstairs and plays for the kids. They love to look at it and try to strum on the strings. Alan even started singing some Wiggles songs which Levi promptly sang along to his favorite part. They have the cack cack cack part down on the one song (that is quack for those who don't speak toddler). They also have the monkey sound down. I love playing music with them. They are also perfecting their dancing skills. Maybe one of these days I will figure out how to put a video on here.

Nathan singing (yelling) along.
My boys.

Levi pumping up the volume for Daddy.

Little hand, big hand.

Notice how Alan is almost always in PJ's in out pictures. He loves his lounge clothes!

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Monday, May 16, 2011

17 months old!

May 11th my trip turned 17 months old. I can't believe they are almost a year and a half old. I also now have 3 walkers! That's right folks Nathan is now walking! They are all becoming quite little chatterboxes and I swear they have a new word every day! According to Paige anything that flies is a quack quack. Whenever she sees a monkey she makes her monkey noises which is really cute. Levi asks "what's that" all day long. When it is time to go upstairs he goes to the gate and says "go!" Nathan does his num num. And he also says Me! I love that they are talking more. They look like such little kids now. Where did my babies go!?

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

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Recently we took the trio to the eye doctor. Nathan was due for a 1 year check up (he had gone when he was about a month old). Levi needed to go because of his right eye still has a blocked duct. Paige got to go because well everyone one else needed to go so why not. Actually their pediatrician wanted them all seen mostly because they were preemies and it is a good idea to have them checked.

When I went to make the appointments I was only allowed to schedule 2 at a time and not 3. Ugh. I understand why but it still sucks. So I made an appointment for the boys and then one for Paige the following week. Nathan came out of the appointment just fine. Paige is borderline needing glasses and she needs to be seen next year. Levi needed glasses. I am still in disbelief that they could somehow tell that a 16 month old toddler needs glasses.

The day we went to pick them up we decided to take them to the park and have a picnic lunch. It was a busy day but all in all I think they had fun. We are still trying to get Levi to wear them and he is wearing them more and more. I just don't want him to put them down somewhere and loose them.

Here we are getting our shoes on and putting on sunscreen. To the park we go!

Yay playtime!

Nathan screaming and driving.


Levi in his cool new glasses.

Nathan kept feeding Levi his food. It was very funny and cute.

We had a great day!