Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter Saturday

After the Easter egg hunt at church we went over to Grammy and Pop-pop's for the day. That afternoon the extended family was coming over for Easter dinner. We decided it would be easier to have them nap at their house so we didn't have to wake them any earlier. Of course the boys decided they didn't want to nap. At Grammy's house they all nap in their own rooms. At home the boys share a room. I think because they could hear each other they were not happy that they weren't together. After an hour of on and off crying we put the boys in a room together and they went to sleep. We had lots of fun with our family. Paige especially took a liking to Katie. She kept going over to Katie to be picked up. Too funny.

Nice puppy!

I love this picture!

Some of the family hid eggs for them to find. The trio had one spot to look and Tim and Katie had a different, more difficult spot to look.

Jamie helping Paige find her eggs.

Nathan found one!

After the hunt the boys went to play in the little house. Meanwhile.......

Paige was stealing their eggs! She was putting them from the boys buckets into hers! Smart girl.

Paige and her new bff Katie!

Katie carrying Paige around.

Nice puppy! Giving Taylor some love.

It was nice out so we decided to go back outside to play. Tim and Katie were great with the trio. They played really nicely with them and Levi, Nathan, and Paige loved having them push them on the swings!

Katie helping Levi back from the swings.

Tim carrying Nathan through the jungle that was my parents backyard!

Katie carrying Paige.

I love this picture!

Ruth, then Katie, then Paige. Yes Ruth we see you!

Mark being goofy. Paige not impressed. Lol!

To end the evening Aunt Kristen gave them gifts with fun grass in their bags. Little did she know that all she had to do was put grass in the bags and they would have been happy! We had a great time with our family and we can't wait to see them at the next family gathering!

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