Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Recently we took the trio to the eye doctor. Nathan was due for a 1 year check up (he had gone when he was about a month old). Levi needed to go because of his right eye still has a blocked duct. Paige got to go because well everyone one else needed to go so why not. Actually their pediatrician wanted them all seen mostly because they were preemies and it is a good idea to have them checked.

When I went to make the appointments I was only allowed to schedule 2 at a time and not 3. Ugh. I understand why but it still sucks. So I made an appointment for the boys and then one for Paige the following week. Nathan came out of the appointment just fine. Paige is borderline needing glasses and she needs to be seen next year. Levi needed glasses. I am still in disbelief that they could somehow tell that a 16 month old toddler needs glasses.

The day we went to pick them up we decided to take them to the park and have a picnic lunch. It was a busy day but all in all I think they had fun. We are still trying to get Levi to wear them and he is wearing them more and more. I just don't want him to put them down somewhere and loose them.

Here we are getting our shoes on and putting on sunscreen. To the park we go!

Yay playtime!

Nathan screaming and driving.


Levi in his cool new glasses.

Nathan kept feeding Levi his food. It was very funny and cute.

We had a great day!

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  1. OMG, he is so cute in his little glasses! Looks like a fun day. =)