Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dying Easter eggs

I am still trying to get caught up :)

So I decided this year I wanted to try dying Easter eggs with them. I wanted to try to find something they could do with as little mess as possible. Sounds impossible right? Well we did it and the only one to get anything on them was me! How did we do it? Well I will show you!

I bought this neat little egg spinner. It says no mess and it was indeed no mess. For the kids anyways. I didn't really get too much on me either so I would call it a success.

I put our first color dye in which was blue.

Added our hard boiled egg.

Put on the lid and then put it on our kitchen floor. Nathan was first up and I didn't even have to show him to press it. He just crawled up and went to town!

He liked it!

Levi giving it a try.

Everyone pitching it!

Our last multi colored egg.

Our finished eggs. We ended up with 11 because one broke when hard boiling.

I just hope that we can find the dye packets or something similar so we can use it again next year!

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