Saturday, August 28, 2010

8 month photo shoot

Today we took the trio to Clix portrait studios in Peddler's Village. I can't say enough nice things about them! I loved them! They ave awesome props and where great with the babies. They had 1 photographer plus someone else helping place the babies and getting the babies to look and smile. The photographer has twins and was very excited to photograph our trio. The first photo we did had Nathan in a chef's shirt with chef hat, Paige in an apron with a chef's hat, and Levi in a pot. It turned out so stinkin cute! We also got our first family picture. I'm pretty excited and I can't wait till we get them so I can put them up....everywhere!!!

Also today we went to my Dad's barbershop picnic. I love going to these things because they always sing and I love barbershop music. I really want the babies to love it too. I remember when I was growing up my Dad's quartet used to practice at our house when we lived in the mobile home. I would go to sleep listening to them singing. I loved it! The barbershoppers where so excited to meet our trio. We had a good time but we are now pooped! That was a lot of work to go 2 places in one day!

Oh and I almost forgot. When Alan went to get Paige from her nap today.....she was sitting up! She sat up all by herself! She is getting to be such a big girl. She is also leaving her brother's in the dust! :)

Friday, August 27, 2010


Today we took the trio to the YMCA to go swimming. My Mom got us a one day family pass so we could go for free! The Doylestown YMCA has been expanding and rebuilding. We went to their new ppol which was designed for kids. It has a huge twisty slide, a mushroom that sprays water, and some sort of bucket thing that dumps water on you. It also has a gradual entry which is great because then the trio was able to sit and just play. We went around 11ish and when we got into the pool there was only one other child with their parent in the pool! It was great. The trio just sat and splashed and played. One of the lifeguards gave us a strainer with toys in it for them to play with. They had a blast. I took an old underwater camera with me so I have to wait to get it developed for pictures. Hopefully they come out! If not I will have to take my real camera next time.

We may actually be in the YMCA's newsletter. Someone came by and took out picture. And of course as we aere going back into the locker room to change I overheard some women talking about "those triplets". Did you see "those triplets?" they were so cute. I wouldn't want to do it though. That must be so much work! And on and on. Gotta love people. I will say it again....apparently because I have triplets I am somehow deaf and people can talk about me within a foot of me and I don't "hear" them. Oh well. I usually get a good chuckle at least.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A day in the Dean house

Our schedule has changed a bit since I last posted about it. We are busy busy getting ready to have for our first crawler. Here is our current schedule.

Between 6am and 7am: wake up and have an 8oz bottle. Whomever has already eaten plays on the floor and watches Sesame Street. (We love Sesame Street!)

7am to 8am: Playtime. They usually get a little time in the jumpers and exersaucer as well as floor time with their toys.

8am: Breakfast. They eat 7tbs of oatmeal and 1 1/2 jars of fruit. Split between all 3 of course :)

8:30am: Naptime!

Between 10am and 10:30am: wake up

10:30am and 11am: 6oz bottle

11am till 12pm: playtime! This is also when we like to go for walks and play outside.

12pm: Lunchtime. We just started giving them lunch. They get 1 jar of baby food split 3 ways. I have also started introducing them to table foods at this time. We have had watermelon, banana, peaches,mum-mums, and biter biscuits.

12:30pm to 1pm: playtime. Usually floor play.

1pm: Naptime!

3pm/3:30pm: wake-up

between 3:30pm and 4pm: 8oz bottle- I am thinking about making this a 6oz bottle too because they are eating less of their bedtime bottle. I would rather it be the other way around. :)

4pm to 5pm: playtime with Daddy! Alan usually gets home from work during their nap so when they get up they get to play with Daddy! I of course play too but sometimes I use the time to get things done or if the day was a little rougher then usual...I veg out a little. :)

5pm: Dinnertime- they eat 3 jars of baby food split 3 ways

5:30pm to 6pm: Playtime

6pm: we head upstairs to start our bedtime routine. This is also a new routine we just started. We use to give all 3 a bath every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This killed my back so I decided to change it up. Now every night is bath night except Sunday. The babies rotate and only 1 gets a bath a night. While I bathe, dress and feed that baby Alan is dressing and feeding the other 2. So far this system is working out the best for us. If someone decided to get super dirty that day, then we would bathe 2 babies.

6:15pm: 1 baby in the bathtub, 1 baby with Alan being dressed, 1 baby playing on the floor in out room (also with Alan) After they are ready for bed they get an 8oz bottle. Then it is of to bed!

They have been sleeping through the night for a while now. Every now and then someone might wake up in the middle of the night. Usually though all I have to do is give them their binky back and they go back to sleep. Rarely do I have to do more. We like their seahorses because they have come in handy a time or two to distract them while I sneak out of the room.

All in all that is our day in a nutshell. It changes of course when errands need to be run and things of that nature. Eventually I would like to get some playdates in and in the fall I want to start going to storytime at the library. (of course the playdates require finding people to have them with....this is a work in progress)

Here is morning playtime. See how awake we are? :) I just brought the little kitchen out for them recently. It was an instant hit. They love to play with it. Paige likes to eat the fridge door. She is so funny...has to taste everything!

And of course here is Paige. She is working very hard on crawling. Any day now!

Monday, August 23, 2010


Ok I promise I won't put up here everything I feed them but we are just starting with "real" foods and I am kinda excited. On the 20th we gave them watermelon for the first time. Well Paige had it at a picnic and that is what prompted me trying it out at home. I cut the watermelon into triangles and gave them each a piece. Of course Paige licked all around it first before settling on the "green" rind part. She eventually get to the good part but she likes to chomp on the rind a little bit too. Levi seemed to like it the first time, but today when I gave it to him he just turned his head away and made a face. Eh maybe next time. Nathan loves it as long as I put it in his mouth and then put his hands up to hold it. I am trying to get him to do it himself but he refuses. I guess in time he will get the hang of it.

My little ham

Chicken anyone?

Also on their 8 month birthday we decided to try chicken for dinner. It was that yummy pureed stuff made by chef Gerber. The stuff stank and I kinda felt bad giving it to them but I do want them to try meats. Well it did not go over very well. Levi didn't care for it but ate it. Paige ate it and didn't seem to mind. Nathan flipped out! I would put it in his mouth and he would sit there with his mouth open, crying. Poor guy. I actually had to go in his mouth, scoop out the chicken, and then give him his sippy cup to wash down anything left. We have tried it once more since then and got the same reaction. I'm not sure if we are going to do it again or not. I might just wait a little longer and make them real chicken when they are ready. We shall see.


I am a little behind with my blogging so I am going to try to catch up during nap-time today.
On the 11th, their 8 month birthday, we decided to try mum-mums for the first time. They actually went over really well. Paige takes them and lick every inch of them before she starts to eat them. She actually does this with most foods she is given. Levi just picked it up and put it right into his mouth! He seemed to enjoy it. Nathan however needed some help. I would put it into his mouth and the put his hand on it so he was holding it. He liked eating it, we just need to work on him bringing things to his mouth. And of course true to form I took pictures for all to enjoy. :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Levi's adventure to the ER

Well I knew it was going to happen sooner or later. I am just impressed it took 8 months before someone finally got sick! Yesterday was not Levi's day. He woke up in the morning and he was fine. He played all morning, ate his food, was all around in a great mood. Then it came time for his afternoon nap. He was not having it. I tried his crib...he screamed. I tried the porta-crib in our room...he screamed. So I ended up laying on our bed with him and he drifted off to sleep. After he was asleep I move him to the porta-crib. That lasted maybe 15 minutes. So I gave up and brought him downstairs. He felt a little warm so I gave him tylenol thinking he was teething. I then put him on the couch so he could have a little nap there.

Around 4:30/5:00ish Alan had picked him up from playing/fussing to change his diaper. He felt warm so I took his temp. 101.8. Well that needed to be called in to the Dr. I called the Dr.'s office and got the number for the after hours. They said to keep an eye on him and if it reached 104/105 call back. At this point he was extremely fussy and tired. So I fed him his bottle and then set him up on the couch again where he drifted in and out of sleep. He woke up around 9 and I was going to just give him tylenol and put him up in bed. When I picked him up he felt like he was on fire! I took his temp. 105! I called the after hours again and they told us to go to the ER.

We went to Doyelstown Hospital. (Don't worry my Mother-in-law, Sister-in-law, and Grandmother-in-law were visiting and stayed with Nathan and Paige.) We got there and the took his temp. I had given him tylenol before we left and that had brought his temp down to 102.8. They checked his vital signs. His heartrate was elevated because of the fever. Everything else was good. They checked his ears and throat. No infection there. They did a chest x-ray. Came back clear. They then decided they wanted to collect some urine for testing so they needed to cath him. Well this did not go over very well. It seemed like he had just gone recently in his diaper. When they cathed him there was nothing to be found. They kept moving it around and pressing on him trying to get urine. Poor kid was screaming the whole time. Finally they gave up and decided to put a bag on him.

Well by now it is 1am. Alan and I are exhausted and Levi was beyond exhausted. The Dr. came in and decided she wanted to do bloodwork if it was ok with us. I decided that Levi had had enough and he needed to be home in bed. How is he going to fight anything without any sleep. His bedtime is 6:30pm for crying out loud! She said that since his temp was coming down from the motrin that they gave him she felt ok with us leaving. She said if at anytime he got worse to come right back and they would do the bloodwork to find out what was going on.

We left the ER around 1:15am and got home around 1:45am. Alan changed and fed Levi while I made bottles for the next day. Today he was doing much better. This morning he had a temp when he woke up..101 I think. We had some cuddle time and just relaxed all day. By the end of the day his fever was gone and he was starting to act like himself again. We still have no clue what caused this...nor do I know if it is officially over. But I am glad he is feeling better. Hopefully tomorrow he will feel even better after a good nights sleep!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Purple tutu

So I am really liking making tutu's for Paige. It is easy and she looks so stinkin cute in them! I have another one in the works for their 8 month photos next weekend. Also Paige has developed what I like to call her "cheese" smile. She just hams it up for the camera now! Too funny!

Paige's room

Paige is officially sleeping in her very own room! My Dad (Pop pop) came over today and he and Alan put Paige's crib in her room and re-arranged the boys room. I still need to decorate them and such but they are in their rooms. Now of course true to fashion I took pictures of their room today before all the moving took place. At the time I could page back on my camera and see them. Later I noticed my save card was not in my camera. They are gone. I am very sad I will never have pics of all 3 cribs in one room. I can't believe I did that. *sigh* I am hoping this week to work on their rooms and get them decorated. Paige is getting a disney princess room and the boys are getting toy story. I can't wait till they are done. Of course they will look better once they have twin beds with the bedspreads. Paige already has a twin bead and I think I am going to put princess on it once I finish her room. Once I finish them I will post pics...and I will remember my card this time!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Photo fun

I thought it would be funny to post all the photos I take just so I can get that one photo that I put up online. Today for their 8 month photo shoot they were not cooperating very well. They have other things they need to attend to! Like eating the 8 month sticker, or playing with each others faces, etc. Of course it didn't help that they had next to no morning nap so there is some eye rubbing in there too. I hope you enjoy! I was going to re-shoot them because I really didn't like what photos we ended up with. I decided not to because this just shows that they are not perfect and are just being themselves. Believe it or not I think I ended up using the second picture for their 8 month photo. Enjoy the craziness that is my photo shoots! :)

8 months old today!

Where is the time going and why is it flying by so fast!?! I can't believe my little 4 pounders are 8 months old today! They are doing so well! We tried mum-mums today for the first time and chicken for the first time. The mum-mums went over well. Levi and Paige took to eating then by themselves right away. Nathan however still wants you to feed him. I still need to work on him. The chicken received mixed reviews. Levi ate it but made faces, Nathan screamed bloody murder like I was hurting him, and Paige just ate it and looked for more. Silly babies. Picture time. Here is the 8 month old trio!


I think Paige is going to be my little troublemaker! Just kidding! Every day she is becoming more and more mobile. She isn't crawling persay but she is shimmying around the floor. She is also trying to pull herself up. Unfortunately she is trying to pull herself up on things that are only a couple of inches off the ground instead of using something taller. Or she tries to do it on something that can't hold her weight. She is a funny little girl. I'm waiting for the day she just takes off across the room. Then I am in for it! I think I am going to get out the gate this weekend so it's ready for when she does decide to take off! :) Here is a picture of one of the places she decided she had to go.

Mommy's high chair

My Mom decided to get 3 high chairs for her house so when we go over there it is easier to feed the trio. Well one of those high chairs just happens to be my high chair from when I was a baby. I just had to take a picture of Paige sitting in my old high chair. Too cute!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Another visitor

Alan's sister, Erica, came down to visit for a couple of days. She came on Thursday and left today. We didn't really do much but hang out at home with the babies but we had fun. I actually took advantage of her being here and cleaned up our bedroom and actually rearranged it to how I want it to look. I still need to work on my closet but I am loving how our room looks.

I am unpack and organize our house. What's sad is we have been living here for almost a year and we still have boxes everywhere. Of course when we moved in I was almost 6 months pregnant so me unpacking then was out of the question. Then of course I had 3 babies in December so that has kept me pretty busy till the present. :) So very slowly things are getting put away. I'm really trying to get my craft room unpacked and organized. It's killing me that I can't be my crafty self because all my fun things are packed away.

My house also lacks decorations. Of course they are also still packed. I can count how many things we have hanging on 1 hand. It is sad. I need to work on this problem as well. Someone want to find me more time in my day? That would be great...thanks! :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

We have 3 sitters!

So it finally happened. Nathan sat by himself! He is still wobbly but he is getting much better. If he sees a toy he wants he lunges for it and looses his balance. He just needs to perfect his balance and he will be good to go. Pretty soon I will be putting away the bouncy seats and play mat. Wow time is flying!


My Aunt Linda was in town this past week from California. We had lots of fun playing and yesterday we went to Peddler's village. We had a blast!