Monday, August 23, 2010


Ok I promise I won't put up here everything I feed them but we are just starting with "real" foods and I am kinda excited. On the 20th we gave them watermelon for the first time. Well Paige had it at a picnic and that is what prompted me trying it out at home. I cut the watermelon into triangles and gave them each a piece. Of course Paige licked all around it first before settling on the "green" rind part. She eventually get to the good part but she likes to chomp on the rind a little bit too. Levi seemed to like it the first time, but today when I gave it to him he just turned his head away and made a face. Eh maybe next time. Nathan loves it as long as I put it in his mouth and then put his hands up to hold it. I am trying to get him to do it himself but he refuses. I guess in time he will get the hang of it.

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