Saturday, August 14, 2010

Paige's room

Paige is officially sleeping in her very own room! My Dad (Pop pop) came over today and he and Alan put Paige's crib in her room and re-arranged the boys room. I still need to decorate them and such but they are in their rooms. Now of course true to fashion I took pictures of their room today before all the moving took place. At the time I could page back on my camera and see them. Later I noticed my save card was not in my camera. They are gone. I am very sad I will never have pics of all 3 cribs in one room. I can't believe I did that. *sigh* I am hoping this week to work on their rooms and get them decorated. Paige is getting a disney princess room and the boys are getting toy story. I can't wait till they are done. Of course they will look better once they have twin beds with the bedspreads. Paige already has a twin bead and I think I am going to put princess on it once I finish her room. Once I finish them I will post pics...and I will remember my card this time!

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