Friday, August 27, 2010


Today we took the trio to the YMCA to go swimming. My Mom got us a one day family pass so we could go for free! The Doylestown YMCA has been expanding and rebuilding. We went to their new ppol which was designed for kids. It has a huge twisty slide, a mushroom that sprays water, and some sort of bucket thing that dumps water on you. It also has a gradual entry which is great because then the trio was able to sit and just play. We went around 11ish and when we got into the pool there was only one other child with their parent in the pool! It was great. The trio just sat and splashed and played. One of the lifeguards gave us a strainer with toys in it for them to play with. They had a blast. I took an old underwater camera with me so I have to wait to get it developed for pictures. Hopefully they come out! If not I will have to take my real camera next time.

We may actually be in the YMCA's newsletter. Someone came by and took out picture. And of course as we aere going back into the locker room to change I overheard some women talking about "those triplets". Did you see "those triplets?" they were so cute. I wouldn't want to do it though. That must be so much work! And on and on. Gotta love people. I will say it again....apparently because I have triplets I am somehow deaf and people can talk about me within a foot of me and I don't "hear" them. Oh well. I usually get a good chuckle at least.

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