Thursday, June 30, 2011

Daddy in training

And no I don't mean training to be a Daddy. I mean he is training for his first Marathon! Alan has signed up to run the Philly marathon this November. We are very excited to go down to Philly and cheer Daddy on. We are even helping Daddy train!

We let Daddy lift us and carry us around.......(weight training)

We add weight and resistance to his push ups!

We love helping Daddy get ready for his marathon!

I am very proud of Alan that he is finally doing this. I know he has wanted to do it for a long time. Some day we will go down to Disney so he can run the Disney marathon and maybe just maybe I'll get my butt moving and run a 5k down there! Maybe it is time for me to look into doing the couch to 5k......although I really do like my couch! :P

What in the hail?

That is right.....hail. A couple weeks ago I was just sitting watching tv and playing on the computer. We had just put the kids to bed and we were vegging out a little like we do every night. All the sudden I hear something outside. When I look I am shocked to see nickle and quarter sized hail falling. It looked like it was snowing in June! Alan apparently hasn't seen much hail so he was in awe of it. I was just worried we would have to replace car windows or something. Luckily for us it didn't do any damage. It was pretty crazy to watch though. And of course I took pictures. :P

Crazy right? These were all taken on our back deck. Gotta love the weather sometimes!

Saturday, June 25, 2011


My blog is going to be getting a facelift! Someone from my Mommy boards that I frequent designs blogs. Well one of my friends whom I have become close to from the boards has given me a redesign from her as a gift. I am very excited to see what she comes up with. Be sure to check back to see my new look. I am not sure when it will be finished but I am sure everyone will see when it is done! Can't wait!

So of course I can't do a post without some pictures. That would be no fun! A few weekends ago I went away for the weekend to go camping with my Girl Scout troop. It was an interesting weekend that I rather not relive so we shall just leave it at that. But Aunt Stephanie came and stayed with Alan. They had lots of fun and took a couple pictures. Aunt Stephanie even did Paige's hair!

And of course Aunt Stephanie being goofy with Paige.

I also have a bunch of pictures of some backyard fun. We love playing in the backyard!

We also love swimming! They love their little pool.

We love to end our day having some fun in our jammies. Their new fun thing to do is jump and play on the couch. I am less than amused by this because they either get into something they shouldn't or they end up tumbling off the couch. At least their cute right?

Good night!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's day!

and for comparison last years pic :)

I hope all the Father's out there had a great day!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

18 Months old.......your kidding right?

I mean a year and a half couldn't possibly have already gone by since my little babies were born could it!?! Wait I have full blown toddlers!?! Yikes!

Of course they act more and more like toddlers every day. We have new words popping up everywhere. We are really working on our listening skills....(read I say something we don't listen) We have discovered a new nuisance to having multiple toddlers. One child will decide to do something naughty. That child is told no and redirected. Second child hears this and goes and does what the first did. Second child is told no and redirected. Third child hears this and goes and does what first and second child did. Third child is told no and redirected. Uh oh here comes first child.....this is the cycle in our house lately. It never ends.

Another fun thing that multiple toddlers do is the decoy bit. First and second child are over arguing about a toy, book, or anything in general. Third child sees you are distracted by first and second child and off goes third child to do what they know they shouldn't be doing. The joys of being a MoM! I am outnumbered and they are starting to realize this. I am screwed when they become teenagers arn't I!?!

We had our 18 month check up yesterday. They are progressing well. They had their last shot till they are 4 years old! (not including flu shots) That has to account for something right!?!

Levi: 22lbs 15oz  33"
Nathan: 22lbs  33"
Paige: 19lbs 2oz  31"

They did well at the Dr. Only had to be told no don't touch that about a million times. lol. They scream bloody murder when you lay them on the table, and all we were doing was trying to measure them! We don't go back there till they are 2 years old. Nathan has been referred to an ENT specialist about his ears. His left ear still has fluid in it and it has been about 2 months since it was first detected. So instead of going back to get his hearing re-tested we are skipping that step and going right to the specialist.

All in all the trio is doing great and they are growing like weeds. Who knows what tomorrow will bring!




My loves! <3

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Did you know that toddlers have magical healing powers? I was unaware of this phenomenon but I got to witness the magic of it first hand. Levi fell going down our front step (which is concrete) onto the sidewalk below. He did this not one time but 2 times within a day of each other. The first time he landed and didn't get scratch on him. The second time he wasn't so lucky. He did a nice number to his face which I am sure had people questioning my parenting for a couple days.

This was his face a few hours after it happened. I could only get a decent picture at lunch time. Looks nasty doesn't it? Well it didn't really seem to phase him other than not wanting it touched.

Here is day 2 at lunchtime. Already looks 10 times better doesn't it!?! Told you toddlers have magical healing powers. Just wait.....

Day 3 at lunchtime again. Keeps getting better.

Day 4 at lunchtime again. Just a little scab.

I was amazed at how fast it got better. If I look really close now I can see a little pink above his eye. (This happened about a month ago) But really it healed very quickly. I am really glad he wasn't wearing his glasses at the time. The outcome may have been worse. So if you don't believe in magic.......just watch a toddler after they have been hurt and see how fast they heal. And if your toddler gets hurt just know that it won't look too bad for too long :) At least it won't if they are anything like Levi!

Water table fun

Since it has been warmer out I decided to put together their water table last month. They got the table from Great Uncle Barry and Great Uncle Dottie for Christmas. It was a huge hit! They love to splash and play with it! It has so many cute little things on it for them to do and is great fun without needing a pool. Of course I put it together and it needed batteries. Not ones I had of course. It needed 4 C batteries. I haven't kept those on hand since we had their swings. So our first time playing with it we didn't have the fountain part which they didn't seem to mind in the least. I think each of them tried to climb into it a one point in time. We also learned the hard way that this toy is best played with in their swimsuits. They were soaked! I didn't mind though because they had so much fun!

And afterwards we played in the ball pit with daddy. I love that our ball pit can fit all 4 of my kids! lol

We love our pirate ship......Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Bath time

More bath time fun. It is so funny how much bath time can change over a few short months! They all love to play in the tub. Their new favorite thing to do is be in the tub as it fills and play with the running water. A couple time they have pulled on the shower which Nathan is not to fond of. He is usually the one pulling the knob to turn it on too the little stinker.

Rub a dub dub 3 babies in a tub!

Princess Paige fresh from her bath.

Mr. Levi sporting his mickey towel.

Paige coming to help Daddy with Nathan.

And here's Nathan in his Pooh towel.

Thank you

Thank you to all of you that voted for my blog. We didn't make it but we put up a good fight! Maybe next time!