Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Water table fun

Since it has been warmer out I decided to put together their water table last month. They got the table from Great Uncle Barry and Great Uncle Dottie for Christmas. It was a huge hit! They love to splash and play with it! It has so many cute little things on it for them to do and is great fun without needing a pool. Of course I put it together and it needed batteries. Not ones I had of course. It needed 4 C batteries. I haven't kept those on hand since we had their swings. So our first time playing with it we didn't have the fountain part which they didn't seem to mind in the least. I think each of them tried to climb into it a one point in time. We also learned the hard way that this toy is best played with in their swimsuits. They were soaked! I didn't mind though because they had so much fun!

And afterwards we played in the ball pit with daddy. I love that our ball pit can fit all 4 of my kids! lol

We love our pirate ship......Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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