Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I haven't had too much to say lately. I have also been busy finishing up the year for Girl Scouts which involves end of the year trips. We went to Hershey park last week and Philly yesterday to ride the ducks. Alan had the kids yesterday for most of the day by himself and he did awesome. My hubby is a superdad! I had to brag :) The kids are all doing great. I have started working on Paige's room so that we can move her hopefully within the next month. She is going to have a princess room. Disney of course. I am also going to redo the boys room and they will be having Toy Story. I am excited to do their rooms and make them fun. I just hope they like them when they have an opinion. If not we will redo. :) As always I have a picure for all to see. In honor of Daddy day yesterday I have a picture of Alan and Levi doing Alan's new favorite thing. He loves to put the kids on his shoulders. He does it all the time now. Too cute!

Monday, June 21, 2010

We have a sitter!

Paige decided today she was going to sit all be herself! I have been putting them in a seated position so that we could practice our sitting. Yesterday Paige was in my lap trying to pull herself up into a sitting position. Today I put her on the floor to sit and she stayed all be herself! She was even grabbing for toys with one hand and holding herself up with the other. Of course I took pictures as always. I have 2. One of her sitting nice and one of her with a very happy, pleased Paige for what she did. :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Our first swim

Today we went over to Grammy and Pop-pop's and went swimming for the first time. They actually did very well. It was a little rough getting in but once they got used to the water they had fun. Nathan was kicking along and having a blast. Paige loved it and even put her face in. She likes to taste everything so naturally she had her tongue out to taste the pool water too. Even Levi got into it after a while. (although he was in a mood before we went swimming so no surprise it took him longer to come around to the idea.) We are going to start going over ever Sunday I think so they can get used to swimming. I would also like to go to a Mommy and me swim class at the Y. Although for us it would be a Mommy and Grammy and Auntie or Daddy and me class. lol.

Happy Father's day!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

6 month stats

We went to the doctor yesterday. They are all doing great! They are growing like weeds.

Levi: He is 26" tall and 14lbs 13oz.
Nathan: He is 27" tall and 15lbs 12oz.
Paige: She is 25" tall and 13lbs 12oz.

They are all an inch off from each other as well as a pound off from each other. Nathan is very long. Even the nurse and Dr. were surprised with how long he is. The Dr. also said they should be eventually eating 2 to 3 things of baby food a day each. That is 6 to 9 things of baby food a day. Yikes! That is a lot of baby food to keep on hand. I was planning on making my own baby food when I was pregnant. I then got on the wic program and they pay for baby food. It starts this month so I will have to see how much they give and such. I may still make some of my own food. Especially of some of the foods they don't offer in pureed form at the store.

At 9 months we should be able to start giving them some table foods. I'm pretty excited for that day to come. I can't wait till we can eventually sit down as a family and have dinner. Right now it's we feed them and get them to bed and then Alan and I scrounge for something to eat. Sometimes I have something planned or something in the crock pot. Most of the time it is sandwiches or whatever you can find. I miss healthy, fresh meals. Unfortunately by 7pmish I just want to eat something and veg a little before cleaning and bottles and such before bed.

So yesterday we took a walk after they had their cereal and veggies for dinner. We decided to make a stop at the playground and try out the swings for the first time. Well they didn't seem to know quite what to make of them. Paige seemed to enjoy it after a while. Levi was indifferent. He kept looking to me and giving the "I don't know about this Mom" face. He eventually smiled. Nathan is my studier. He has to asses his surroundings and it's almost like he is trying to figure out how it works. He eventually, like the other two, had fun as well. So I will end with their pics from their swing session yesterday.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Then and Now

Rarely will you ever see me in a picture. Mostly because I am the one taking all the photos but also because I just don't like them. Well here is one time where I will actually show myself. When we first brought home the trio, we took a picture of me holding all 3 together. So today, on their 6 month birthday, we did it again. They have grown so much it is amazing! The first picture is me holding them on Christmas day. Paige and Nathan came home that Wednesday, and Levi on Thursday. This was Friday. The second one is today June 11th 2010.

6 months old!

Today my babies are half a year old! I can't believe how the time has flown by! We actually took their 6 month pictures on their 6 month birthday! Usually I take them within the week but I was determined to take them on time this time! It is getting harder to take their pictures all together. I'm pretty sure I said the same thing last month too though! :) They are really starting to notice each other and are fascinated to just look at each other and reach out and touch each other! I just love watching them look at each other. It is very neat! So as always on to the pictures! :) The trio, then Levi, then Nathan, then Paige.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Merrily we roll along.......

We officially have 3 rollers!

It's exciting and frightening all in one!

Paige rolls back to tummy and tummy to back. She is very happy laying on her tummy and playing with her toys. She also now likes to "play" with her brothers! She loves to just sit and stare at them. She also reaches for them and touches them. She actually gets upset if you take her brothers away from her when she is playing with them. She is also officially a belly sleeper now! :)

Levi rolls tummy to back mostly. Basically if you put him on his belly he will tolerate it for a few minutes and then roll back onto his back. He can roll from his back to his tummy (I found him in his crib once on his belly) but he refuses to show us in person. He will lay almost all the way on his belly but then flip back to his back at the last possible moment. He sleeps on his side with his head bent back slightly and prefers his face smashed into the bumper (it's a breathable one) on the side of his crib. He is an odd bird! :)

Nathan is our newest roller. Unfortunately no one has seen it in person though. Today I went to get him from his crib after his nap. All the sudden he started screaming. Apparently he went from his back to his belly and must have frightened himself or was frustrated that he couldn't get back. I found him in his crib laying on his belly. Hopefully he will pracice this new trick during the day and not at night. I would prefer to not be awakened to screaming because he flipped himself! :)

So we are in for a world of trouble because they are all moving now. They all can rotate around any given surface too if given the chance. So tonight I broke down and started to baby proof. The plugs are going in the outlets and clutter is going bye bye. I am excited for the next step but scared at the same time. Oh well bring it on! :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Paige's adventure

So on Thursday Paige decided she would go on an adventure! She was up several times Wednesday night and eventually Levi joined her. So needless to say I was tired! Thursday morning I did my usual routine which is I feed each baby as they get up usually between 6am and 7am. If more than one gets up they get to wait in the wings in a bouncy seat. After they are fed they all sit in their bouncy seats so they can digest a little and have minimum spit up incidents. Alan left for work around 5:40ish to be at work at 6 so it was just me and the babies. I was tired!

So with all 3 in their bouncy seats and Grammy coming around 7:30/ 7:45ish, I decided I was going to lay down. Well that lasted a couple minutes before Paige was screaming to get out of her bouncy seat. She actually turns on her side and grips the side of the bouncy seat and tries to "roll over" in her seat while screaming" Gotta love her! :) So I decided to put her in the jumperoo so she was still contained. I went back to the couch and laid down. Then it was Nathan's turn to not like where he was. I put him in the exersaucer to keep him contained. He doesn't move much anyway but it would be my luck that he would learn just when I'm not looking! Went to lay down yet again. Can you guess what happened? Nope not Levi, he was sleeping peacefully in his bouncer. It was Paige. Again. So I gave in and put her on her playmat. At this point it is 7:30am. I lay down and close my eyes. Grammy will be here any minute.

I wake 20-25 minutes later. Grammy is here getting their cereal ready. She then proceeds to tell me what she walked in on. Levi was fast asleep in his bouncer. Nathan was fussing in the exercauser. Ok wait thats only 2 babies. Grammy always puts her stuff on the dining room table. After she did this she turned around and saw a trail of spit up. At the end of the trail (about 4 feet from where I put her) there was Paige, stuck up against her highchair and a bag of stuff. She was contently just hanging out.

So I guess that's the end of I can put them on the floor and they will be right where I put them! Haha. Time to baby-proof and get out the gate! I don't have a picture of her on her adventure but I have a cute belly pic. of my little mover!

Weekend away

This weekend was my first time away from my trio for more than a few hours. I went away from Friday afternoon till Sunday morning to go Girl Scout camping. It was hard to do but I had my pictures with me! They had a nice weekend with Daddy and our friend Melanie. Everything went well. The kids are happy and were fed and somewhat clean. :) haha.

We are doing well eating their solids. So far they have had sweet potatoes, carrots, and squash. I think we might try a green vegetable tomorrow! I am not fond of the stains we are now coming across now that they are eating all these new things! It seems that my oxiclean is going to be coming in handy for a while. They are currently eating 4tbs of cereal and 1/2 a container of stage 2 veggies at each feeding. They share this so I'm not really sure who is eating how much exactly but depending on how fast they finish and if the polish it all off is how I judge when to make a little more for next time. I think I might make 5tbs of cereal tomorrow and see how they do.

I realized today that I don't have too may tub time pictures of them. Although this doesn't surprise me as I am the photographer as well as the bather. So it becomes a little tricky there. But I did get some towel pics today so that is what I am going to show off. :) Levi, then Nathan, then Paige.