Sunday, June 6, 2010

Paige's adventure

So on Thursday Paige decided she would go on an adventure! She was up several times Wednesday night and eventually Levi joined her. So needless to say I was tired! Thursday morning I did my usual routine which is I feed each baby as they get up usually between 6am and 7am. If more than one gets up they get to wait in the wings in a bouncy seat. After they are fed they all sit in their bouncy seats so they can digest a little and have minimum spit up incidents. Alan left for work around 5:40ish to be at work at 6 so it was just me and the babies. I was tired!

So with all 3 in their bouncy seats and Grammy coming around 7:30/ 7:45ish, I decided I was going to lay down. Well that lasted a couple minutes before Paige was screaming to get out of her bouncy seat. She actually turns on her side and grips the side of the bouncy seat and tries to "roll over" in her seat while screaming" Gotta love her! :) So I decided to put her in the jumperoo so she was still contained. I went back to the couch and laid down. Then it was Nathan's turn to not like where he was. I put him in the exersaucer to keep him contained. He doesn't move much anyway but it would be my luck that he would learn just when I'm not looking! Went to lay down yet again. Can you guess what happened? Nope not Levi, he was sleeping peacefully in his bouncer. It was Paige. Again. So I gave in and put her on her playmat. At this point it is 7:30am. I lay down and close my eyes. Grammy will be here any minute.

I wake 20-25 minutes later. Grammy is here getting their cereal ready. She then proceeds to tell me what she walked in on. Levi was fast asleep in his bouncer. Nathan was fussing in the exercauser. Ok wait thats only 2 babies. Grammy always puts her stuff on the dining room table. After she did this she turned around and saw a trail of spit up. At the end of the trail (about 4 feet from where I put her) there was Paige, stuck up against her highchair and a bag of stuff. She was contently just hanging out.

So I guess that's the end of I can put them on the floor and they will be right where I put them! Haha. Time to baby-proof and get out the gate! I don't have a picture of her on her adventure but I have a cute belly pic. of my little mover!

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