Sunday, June 20, 2010

Our first swim

Today we went over to Grammy and Pop-pop's and went swimming for the first time. They actually did very well. It was a little rough getting in but once they got used to the water they had fun. Nathan was kicking along and having a blast. Paige loved it and even put her face in. She likes to taste everything so naturally she had her tongue out to taste the pool water too. Even Levi got into it after a while. (although he was in a mood before we went swimming so no surprise it took him longer to come around to the idea.) We are going to start going over ever Sunday I think so they can get used to swimming. I would also like to go to a Mommy and me swim class at the Y. Although for us it would be a Mommy and Grammy and Auntie or Daddy and me class. lol.

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