Thursday, June 10, 2010

Merrily we roll along.......

We officially have 3 rollers!

It's exciting and frightening all in one!

Paige rolls back to tummy and tummy to back. She is very happy laying on her tummy and playing with her toys. She also now likes to "play" with her brothers! She loves to just sit and stare at them. She also reaches for them and touches them. She actually gets upset if you take her brothers away from her when she is playing with them. She is also officially a belly sleeper now! :)

Levi rolls tummy to back mostly. Basically if you put him on his belly he will tolerate it for a few minutes and then roll back onto his back. He can roll from his back to his tummy (I found him in his crib once on his belly) but he refuses to show us in person. He will lay almost all the way on his belly but then flip back to his back at the last possible moment. He sleeps on his side with his head bent back slightly and prefers his face smashed into the bumper (it's a breathable one) on the side of his crib. He is an odd bird! :)

Nathan is our newest roller. Unfortunately no one has seen it in person though. Today I went to get him from his crib after his nap. All the sudden he started screaming. Apparently he went from his back to his belly and must have frightened himself or was frustrated that he couldn't get back. I found him in his crib laying on his belly. Hopefully he will pracice this new trick during the day and not at night. I would prefer to not be awakened to screaming because he flipped himself! :)

So we are in for a world of trouble because they are all moving now. They all can rotate around any given surface too if given the chance. So tonight I broke down and started to baby proof. The plugs are going in the outlets and clutter is going bye bye. I am excited for the next step but scared at the same time. Oh well bring it on! :)

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