Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I haven't had too much to say lately. I have also been busy finishing up the year for Girl Scouts which involves end of the year trips. We went to Hershey park last week and Philly yesterday to ride the ducks. Alan had the kids yesterday for most of the day by himself and he did awesome. My hubby is a superdad! I had to brag :) The kids are all doing great. I have started working on Paige's room so that we can move her hopefully within the next month. She is going to have a princess room. Disney of course. I am also going to redo the boys room and they will be having Toy Story. I am excited to do their rooms and make them fun. I just hope they like them when they have an opinion. If not we will redo. :) As always I have a picure for all to see. In honor of Daddy day yesterday I have a picture of Alan and Levi doing Alan's new favorite thing. He loves to put the kids on his shoulders. He does it all the time now. Too cute!

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