Friday, June 11, 2010

Then and Now

Rarely will you ever see me in a picture. Mostly because I am the one taking all the photos but also because I just don't like them. Well here is one time where I will actually show myself. When we first brought home the trio, we took a picture of me holding all 3 together. So today, on their 6 month birthday, we did it again. They have grown so much it is amazing! The first picture is me holding them on Christmas day. Paige and Nathan came home that Wednesday, and Levi on Thursday. This was Friday. The second one is today June 11th 2010.


  1. Aww, fantastic photos Megan. They're getting so big and mobile, that before long, you won't be able to keep all three on your lap long enough to snap a photo.

  2. Very cute! You should definitely take more pics with them...even if you don't like them, the trio will love them when they are older! I'm guilty of that too..but I remember as I kid, I loved pics of my mom and me. So now I make sure to take more pics of the babe and myself.

    Your trio is gorgeous!

    Alice @ Life With Vivian