Friday, February 25, 2011

14 months old!

I know I am still playing catch up. On the 11th of February my trio turned 14 months. They are getting so big so fast. Their little personalities are just kicking in full force. I love watching them grow and learn. I took their picture on our steps a couple days before the 11th.

They look so big! They look like little kids. No more baby. It's a little sad but I am liking the stage we are at, so far anyway. We haven't hit too many tantrums yet. Key word is yet. I am sure they are coming and my luck they will hit tomorrow since I am talking about them now!

I took their 14 month photos in these cute Valentine's shirts that a friend of mine got me. This is another person that I met via the internet on the website called the bump. I have not met Melissa or Kieran yet in person because they are from Canada. We are hoping to get together this summer though when they come down to visit us! I am very excited about that! I also tried to get their picture on the stairs again but Paige was being less than cooperative. She wanted nothing to do with the bow on her head or sitting on the stairs. So we did some on the stairs and some in our usual spot, the couch.

I love love love the boys shirts. What is even cuter is that Kieran, and our other friend, from the same website, and who is also Canadian, and also a Melissa (confusing right?) her son Silas also have these shirts. So they all got to wear them for Valentine's day! I had my trio wear them the day before Valentine's day to church. We got a lot of compliments saying they were the best dressed in Sunday school! Way too cute!

Snack time!

We have started to have a regular snack time now every day. They get to have snack around 4pm after their second nap. Sometimes out snack is organized and they sit at their table to eat their snack. Sometimes it is not so organized and I just stick it on the floor as they play.

and yes they are still in their jammies. We enjoy jammie days a lot around here :)

Notice the big hole in the center of their table. This usually holds a box that you can put stuff in. I was keeping their crayons in it. Well Levi took it upon himself to climb up onto the chair and then onto the table to get into the box. He is my little daredevil mischief man. Gotta love it!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Play date with Carter!

I frequent a website for Mom's call The Bump. I have met a lot of different people through this website where we talk about our kids and whatever else strikes our fancy. I started talking to Dee on there and we decided to meet. Her son Carter is about 2 months younger then my 3. We actually met for the first time in October when we went to the aquarium. We decided this time we wanted to be able to hang out and let the babies play. So a couple weeks ago Carter came over to play. They had a great time playing and I had a great time chatting with Dee. I really hope we get to do another play date soon!

Wait where did this 4th kid come from! :P


Say hello to Cater the cutie! :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ipod for babies?

Alan has an ipod touch. We have downloaded several baby apps for them here and there. They have just started to really take a liking to it. Before they had little interest in it and now they see it and go flocking to it. Levi has actually gone into Alan's pants pocket to get it out and play. Their favorite app as of right now is an animal app. A big red smilie face shows up and when they push it an animal comes on and makes it's noise. It is very cute and they have gotten pretty good at pressing the button. Hopefully some day they will start making the noises with the animal! Of course I hope that once it gets warmer we can go see some of these animals in real life instead of on a little screen.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Just like Daddy

Alan decided to put some of his running gear on Levi. Levi loves to take hats off of his head and try to put them back on. He looked way too cute in Daddy's reflective hat and vest.

Here he is showing off one of his dress shoes. Those are ok to run in right!?!

Here is our future runner!

And off with the hat!

Don't worry because Daddy is teaching Nathan and Paige too! They are pondering over an article in Runners World!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ice ice baby......

So mother nature didn't feel a ton of snow was enough. Let's throw and inch of ice on top! A couple weeks ago that is what happened. We had a very nasty ice storm which coated everything in a nice layer of ice. Alan enjoyed skating down our driveway and up and down our street. Me being the graceful swan that I am took one step off our front step and landed belly up! Me and ice do not get along! It was very pretty to look at but not too fun to actually go out in. Yuck!

This is our big tree in the backyard.

Our cars and driveway.

Our bushy tree out front.

My flagpole.

My neighbors roses!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My little helpers?

Hey look Mom is bringing the laundry basket out again! They see me coming and make a beeline for the couch to "help" me fold the laundry. Nathan usually waits for me to empty the basket and Levi and Paige will help me empty the basket. Nathan loves to put his toys in and out of the basket. They push it around the room and have a blast. Got to love those non toy toys!

Levi is helping by grabbing my dryer ball.

And Levi is also "helping" me by throwing the nice clean and folded wash clothes onto the floor. Little stinker.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Snowpocolypse 2011

In January we got a huge snowstorm. If fact we had a couple storms back to back that just pounded us with snow. Whomever said we were going to have mild winter was seriously misinformed! We are finally just getting to go out places again. I have needed to go to Target and Costco and Wal-mart among other places. I hope to get to all those places this week! Here are some of the picks I took. I took one at night when it was snowing and the rest in the morning to show the aftermath. I swear the kids around here are going to be in School till July!

That night out our front door. Our cars are off to the right :)

The next morning. Alan dug us out and actually went to work. Of course he is from Erie PA so he grew up with this nonsense.

My neighbors across the street like to build a huge snowman when we get enough snow. What's sad was this guy was built before the big storm which just means we had enough snow already for them to build him!

This is our neighbor who shares a porch with us. He had yet to dig himself out.

This is my poor tree that sadly I don't think is going to survive this winter. It is actually my favorite tree we have and has been looking a little sickly because of how harsh last winter was. This photo also reminded me of a photo project I did in college called white on white. Too bad I don't have that photo handy cause I would post it too.

I have had quite enough of snow and I am so ready for Spring. I can't wait to be able to take the trio to the playground and run around outside with them. Our wagon has been lonely and wants to go for rides again!

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Time has gotten away from me yet again. I am currently working on getting photos together for some blog posts so please stay tuned. Here are a couple photos just to keep you satisfied until I can get my act together!

Say hello to Mr. Levi buckethead. He thinks it's hilarious to empty the toys out, put on head, and then crawl around bumping into things! I crack up every time he does it!


This is how everyone watches the wiggles right?

Nathan doing one of his favorite things.....reading books! They love books!

Nathan loosing his pants. The boys are in 18 month pants because their legs are so long. Their waist however is skinny and a lot of the 18 month pants just fall off!

Nathan has also become quite the pro at going up the stairs. Coming down we are working on. Currently he will sit down and scream which I guess works for him as of right now!

Paige and he BFF Minnie lovey. She almost always has minnie with her which is very cute. Her favorite part!?! The tags of course!

Former gymnast!?! Who knows. She is a silly little girl though :)

Alan took this picture and it is his current favorite. He is working on his photo skills! :) Of course it helps that he has 3 very cute kids to photograph! Not that I am bias or anything :P