Saturday, February 12, 2011


Time has gotten away from me yet again. I am currently working on getting photos together for some blog posts so please stay tuned. Here are a couple photos just to keep you satisfied until I can get my act together!

Say hello to Mr. Levi buckethead. He thinks it's hilarious to empty the toys out, put on head, and then crawl around bumping into things! I crack up every time he does it!


This is how everyone watches the wiggles right?

Nathan doing one of his favorite things.....reading books! They love books!

Nathan loosing his pants. The boys are in 18 month pants because their legs are so long. Their waist however is skinny and a lot of the 18 month pants just fall off!

Nathan has also become quite the pro at going up the stairs. Coming down we are working on. Currently he will sit down and scream which I guess works for him as of right now!

Paige and he BFF Minnie lovey. She almost always has minnie with her which is very cute. Her favorite part!?! The tags of course!

Former gymnast!?! Who knows. She is a silly little girl though :)

Alan took this picture and it is his current favorite. He is working on his photo skills! :) Of course it helps that he has 3 very cute kids to photograph! Not that I am bias or anything :P

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