Sunday, February 13, 2011

Snowpocolypse 2011

In January we got a huge snowstorm. If fact we had a couple storms back to back that just pounded us with snow. Whomever said we were going to have mild winter was seriously misinformed! We are finally just getting to go out places again. I have needed to go to Target and Costco and Wal-mart among other places. I hope to get to all those places this week! Here are some of the picks I took. I took one at night when it was snowing and the rest in the morning to show the aftermath. I swear the kids around here are going to be in School till July!

That night out our front door. Our cars are off to the right :)

The next morning. Alan dug us out and actually went to work. Of course he is from Erie PA so he grew up with this nonsense.

My neighbors across the street like to build a huge snowman when we get enough snow. What's sad was this guy was built before the big storm which just means we had enough snow already for them to build him!

This is our neighbor who shares a porch with us. He had yet to dig himself out.

This is my poor tree that sadly I don't think is going to survive this winter. It is actually my favorite tree we have and has been looking a little sickly because of how harsh last winter was. This photo also reminded me of a photo project I did in college called white on white. Too bad I don't have that photo handy cause I would post it too.

I have had quite enough of snow and I am so ready for Spring. I can't wait to be able to take the trio to the playground and run around outside with them. Our wagon has been lonely and wants to go for rides again!

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