Friday, February 25, 2011

14 months old!

I know I am still playing catch up. On the 11th of February my trio turned 14 months. They are getting so big so fast. Their little personalities are just kicking in full force. I love watching them grow and learn. I took their picture on our steps a couple days before the 11th.

They look so big! They look like little kids. No more baby. It's a little sad but I am liking the stage we are at, so far anyway. We haven't hit too many tantrums yet. Key word is yet. I am sure they are coming and my luck they will hit tomorrow since I am talking about them now!

I took their 14 month photos in these cute Valentine's shirts that a friend of mine got me. This is another person that I met via the internet on the website called the bump. I have not met Melissa or Kieran yet in person because they are from Canada. We are hoping to get together this summer though when they come down to visit us! I am very excited about that! I also tried to get their picture on the stairs again but Paige was being less than cooperative. She wanted nothing to do with the bow on her head or sitting on the stairs. So we did some on the stairs and some in our usual spot, the couch.

I love love love the boys shirts. What is even cuter is that Kieran, and our other friend, from the same website, and who is also Canadian, and also a Melissa (confusing right?) her son Silas also have these shirts. So they all got to wear them for Valentine's day! I had my trio wear them the day before Valentine's day to church. We got a lot of compliments saying they were the best dressed in Sunday school! Way too cute!

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