Friday, March 4, 2011

crafty valentines

Yes I know I am still behind. :P I love to craft and try new things. I decided I would try making crayons from old broken crayons. I also decided I wanted to do a little blog tutorial about it. So I took pictures as I went and now I shall share with you how to make your own crayons! Recycling at it's best.

First I gathered all my supplies. To make the crayons you need to take your old and broken crayons and peel all the papers off of them. I used a silicone baking mold to bake the crayons in. I also gathered some construction paper and markers to use later to make the valentines.

I then arranged the crayons in the mold. I tried to get as many different colors in each mold so that they would be all neat and rainbow like!

Next I baked them at 250 degrees F. for 20 minutes or until they were liquified.

When they looked like this I pulled them out and let them cool. I waited till they were cool to the touch to remove them from the mold.

Here they are brand new crayons ready to play with! What is nice is you can find all sorts of molds and make fun shaped crayons. Saves money from buying new crayons and it is one less thing you are throwing out. Win win! Now we shall make them into valentines.

While they were cooling I made my templates for what I wanted to attach them to, to make them into valentines. To get a somewhat perfect circle I usually cheat and find something like a cup or a bowl to trace. After I had my templates I traced out enough of each and then cut them out.

After the crayons were cool and the paper was cut I was ready to assemble my valentines.

Almost done! Just need to add a cute phrase to each.

And here you have it. My finished valentines. I made these for my girls in my Girl Scout troop. Not sure how they went over. No one told me. The phrases on them say....You make my heart melt!......You color my world valentine!....Have a happy valentine's day for crayon out loud! It was a fun craft to do. I actually did it again a couple weeks later with a couple of the kids I babysit. They thought it was pretty neat. So if you need an easy craft to do with your kids this is it. They can have lots of fun breaking the crayons and putting them in the mold. Also it is like a science experiment....from solid to liquid to solid again. Neato! Just please make sure an adult is manning the oven! Happy crafting!

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