Saturday, March 5, 2011

Levi's first haircut

Yesterday we took Levi to get his first haircut. We took him to Elaine who has been cutting my hair for as long as I can remember. He did an awesome job. I was so impressed with him. He didn't cry or anything. He just sat there and looked around taking it all in.

Levi pre-haircut sitting on Daddy's lap.

Elaine telling Levi she is going to make him look more like Daddy.

Grammy with Nathan and Paige watching Levi get his hair cut.

Levi even let her put a cape on him!

The first cut.

Getting the back.

Showing off how long his hair was.

Levi's envelope of hair.

Finishing up.

Levi watching as Daddy gets a little trim.

We decided to have Paige's bangs trimmed while we were there.

Just a little off the front. We didn't bother with the cape because she hasn't been feeling well. Poor girl has roseola. :(

Paige with her pretty new bangs. (and playing shy)

All of us after out time at the salon. He did awesome. I am very proud of him. I hope the other 2 do just as well when we have them get their hair cut for the first time! (Paige's bang cut doesn't count in my book :P )
Levi now looks like a little boy. I love his new haircut. He looks so handsome!

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