Saturday, March 5, 2011

Random fun pictures :)

I have a bunch of photos I want to share. Enjoy!

Levi playing in the playroom. We had the door open because it was a nice day out. He wanted to go outside to play!

Pretty Paige. :)

My boys! <3.......they are a bunch of hoodlums!

Aaaaannnnnddddd meltdown!

But I don't want to wear Paige's jammies!

Laundry basket fun.


Levi up on his perch. He likes to wander around carrying his lovey in his mouth. Whatever works!

Nathan's new seat.

I had to end with this photo. It was just all full of win! Paige is watching a signing times dvd. (yes we are starting to teach them sign language) Nathan is sitting in the shopping cart. And Levi is sporting an awesome plumbers crack! LoL! :)

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