Friday, January 21, 2011

Perkins anyone?

We did it! Alan and I took the trio out to dinner for the first time! We decided to go to Perkins tonight for dinner. Alan almost backed out. Who can blame him? It is a daunting task to take three 13 month olds pretty much anywhere let alone out to eat. I convinced him we would be fine. We went early. Their usual dinnertime is 5pm. We got there around 4:30pm which ended up being perfect. We were eating a little after 5pm. I brought snacks and books to keep them entertained. I forgot bibs though. Oh well no one is perfect!

I ordered an adult meal for them to share. I figured I would need 2 kids meals to feed them and 1 adult meal came with more food and was cheaper then 2 kids meals. They had breakfast for dinner. :) I love breakfast for dinner. They loved the pancakes. Their meal also came with fruit which I was happy about. They were so good. I am so proud of them. I actually overheard some of the Perkins employees talking about us off and on. They were surprised with how good our kids were. They complimented Alan when he went up to pay. Did I say how proud of my kiddos I am? Because I am very happy and proud of my trio. We may need to do that again sometime. I vote for Olive Garden! :)

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