Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Wiggles obsession grows........

Point blank my kids love the wiggles. They can be in super crank mode and I put the wiggles on and all goes silent. It is purely magical. They get all excited and start dancing. Over the summer (before they were truly obsessed) I found the Wiggles beanies and a Captain Feathersword beanie for $3.00! They got them in their stockings for Christmas and loved them. It took a lot for me to hold on to them for so long but in the end it was worth it. Since they liked them so much I felt the need to complete the collection. So off to ebay I went. I found Dorothy the dinosaur, Wags the dog, and Henry the octopus for $.99 cents each! Score! They came to about $5.00 total, each. So for about $20.00 I got them The Wiggles bunch. Even better is that they play with them every day. Love it! So I am a nerd and I took pics of our new friends! :P Also Alan is funny and will actually make them act out stuff from the dvd's. The kids love it and it is pretty funny. "Poor Jeff has fallen asleep again!"

As I was taking the picture, laying on the floor, Levi decided it would be fun to climb on my back and play. He loves to pull my hair. I am not a fan. :P

He then decided to try and stand. He is definitely all boy!

I usually hate pictures of me but this last one of me and Levi I like very much!

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