Thursday, January 20, 2011

13 months old!

Really it's true! I can't believe it. Before you know it I will be post their age in years instead of months! Gah! I decided I am still going to take their picture every month. I had a lot of fun doing it their first year and I love being able to look back at them. I don't have stickers like I used to so I wrote on the pic in kodak easyshare.

Levi: He is my wild child and troublemaker. So you know your typical 1 year old boy! He is so close to walking. I know he can do it. He has let go a couple of times and taken a few steps but then I think he looses his confidence and squats to the floor. He is also my climber. He tries to get onto everything. He has yet to really get himself into too much trouble with that....knock on wood. He also likes to steal things from his siblings and throw them over the gate. In fact he loves to throw toys in general over the gate. He is Trouble! Gotta love him with that mischievous grin and giggle.

Nathan: He is progressing in leaps and bounds. He is now an expert crawler and just started pulling up to a stand. He has also started cruising a little if the right motivation is there. He has become quite the chatterbox. He doesn't really do more than babble but he does it very loudly! He loves to read books and beat things on other things. Currently he likes to take toys and bang them on the sliding glass door. We are working on that one. The one thing he does that melts my heart is he will come up to you and lay his head on you. He will then get up and go about his merry little way. I love the occasional love.

Paige: What to say about Paige. She is a very chatty little girl. She will sit and "read" books to herself. I love it because she has such inflection in her voice. She loves to be held and give kisses. She dances whenever music comes on. It is pretty funny to watch her just break out into dance.....especially at church! She loves her lovey and her stuffed animals. She carries them around with her. She is also close to walking. We are just waiting for someone to just take off!

I love watching them play and learn. Levi has started to put together legos while Paige talks on their pretend phone. Nathan plays peek a boo with himself in the mirror. They are so much fun!

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