Saturday, January 15, 2011

Our table

Grammy and Pop-pop got us a really cool chalkboard table for Christmas. Look at us. We are too cute sitting at our table! Thank you Grammy and Pop-pop!

It took us a while to find this table. Wanna know why? Because most kids tables are made for 1 to 2 children. Well guess what. We needed a table that would fit 3 kids nicely with 3 chairs at least. Grammy found this table at Costco. It is perfect. It in nice and sturdy and a perfect size for them. And when they get older they can color on it with chalk. Won't that be fun!?! They love their new table. We are starting to do some coloring and I will be getting into doing some arts and crafts with them. I am excited to start making them into mini crafters like me!

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