Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Did you know that toddlers have magical healing powers? I was unaware of this phenomenon but I got to witness the magic of it first hand. Levi fell going down our front step (which is concrete) onto the sidewalk below. He did this not one time but 2 times within a day of each other. The first time he landed and didn't get scratch on him. The second time he wasn't so lucky. He did a nice number to his face which I am sure had people questioning my parenting for a couple days.

This was his face a few hours after it happened. I could only get a decent picture at lunch time. Looks nasty doesn't it? Well it didn't really seem to phase him other than not wanting it touched.

Here is day 2 at lunchtime. Already looks 10 times better doesn't it!?! Told you toddlers have magical healing powers. Just wait.....

Day 3 at lunchtime again. Keeps getting better.

Day 4 at lunchtime again. Just a little scab.

I was amazed at how fast it got better. If I look really close now I can see a little pink above his eye. (This happened about a month ago) But really it healed very quickly. I am really glad he wasn't wearing his glasses at the time. The outcome may have been worse. So if you don't believe in magic.......just watch a toddler after they have been hurt and see how fast they heal. And if your toddler gets hurt just know that it won't look too bad for too long :) At least it won't if they are anything like Levi!

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